Organised mum reveals the ‘Sunday routine’ she follows to be ready and stress-free for the week ahead

A SUPER organised mum-of-two has revealed her weekly 'Sunday routine' which allows her to be prepared and stress-free for the week ahead.

Steph Pase, 30, from Sydney, gets all her chores done and dusted on a weekend so her weekdays can run much more smoothly.

She shared a clip demonstrating her routine on TikTok and said: "This is my Sunday routine."

In the clip, Steph revealed that she starts by stocking up the toilet roll drawer in her bathroom, which always runs out by the end of week.

And she won't start a new week without replacing the washing powder either, which she keeps in a jar in her laundry.

Getting a headstart on meals for the week, Steph likes to plan out her family dinners by writing them on a whiteboard in the kitchen.

For this particular week, some of the meals include Mexican taco boats, sweet potato curry and chicken and veg.

After catching up on washing, the mum-of two will always put all her kids' clean clothes away by hanging up what's needed and folding the rest.

The 'Sunday night reset' also includes some pampering for mum who carves out some time for a little self-care.

Typically, Steph will enjoy an uninterrupted shower where she'll wash her hair, before applying an eye mask.

This is followed by some family time as she will relax with a candle while watching a movie with the kids.

Finally, Steph will replace the dishwasher tablets and coffee pods she has in her kitchen, and organise the fruit and veg for the week – before whipping up some dinner.

Many who saw the clip were inspired to get on top of their own Sunday duties, admitting starting the week in such a way would be far less stressful.

"So cosy, I love to start the weekend organised," one woman wrote.

"Love this Steph! I can't believe how much of a difference a Sunday night reset makes to my family and my anxiety," another added. 

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