People blown away by stranger's 'beautiful' Christmas gesture after putting money in a card for someone at Asda to find

PEOPLE are amazed by a kind stranger's sweet gesture which saw them leave some money in a card on the ground for a lucky person to find – just because it's Christmas.

A woman took to Facebook last night to share the "beautiful act" after her husband returned from the grocery store having picked it up off the ground.

The man had been to Asda and was in the carpark when he spotted an envelope which read "If you've found me, open me."

In it, he discovered a Christmas card which had a £5 note inside, with a sweet message from "someone who likes to see people smile."

Posting on Facebook, the woman wrote: "Had to share this beautiful act of human kindness. Hubby looked down on Asda car park and found this."

And added: "Bless the child/person who did this… he will be sharing this on social media to say what a lovely thought and he will be donating it to a charity."

Understandably, the post has racked up over 6k Facebook likes and hundreds of comments from people who are blown away by the incredible act of kindness.

"Wow what a lovely person this is, "one person wrote." Maybe we could all do a little kind thing from now on to put a smile on someone’s face, it doesn’t have to be money just a little kind gesture , to make us all feel a little bit closer and safer in a scary world."

Another added: "Oh wow  a fabulous thing someone has done. Wishing them a wonderful Christmas xx thanks for sharing, isn't it just wonderful to see! "

While a third said: "That's amazing. That's just made me cry and made my day."

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