People can't decide if bride's lace bodysuit is 'tacky' or 'amazing'

When it comes to choosing a wedding dress, the process can be exhausting.

The endless hours of trying to find ‘the one’ and standing still during tedious fittings, all in an effort to look amazing on the big day.

Unfortunately, not all dresses receive the awe-inspired response the wearer desires.

A bride-to-be from the US, who is having a beach wedding, has confused people with her bodysuit dress that resembles a ‘swimsuit’ – simply because people can’t decide how they feel about it.

Photos of the unidentified woman were posted in a wedding shaming group on Facebook, in which she can be seen having a dress fitting.

The sweetheart neckline dress has two parts – a fitted lace bodysuit, paired with a removable glittery tulle skirt that is attached to the back and sides.

The posts, which are clips from a video, were shared to the group by an acquaintance of the bride from Jacksonville, Florida.

The comments soon flooded in, but opinions are very divided, with many focusing on the length of the bodysuit.

‘It would be so much cuter if it was a little bit longer,’ one person said.

‘She’s got a great body but it looks like a swimsuit/lingerie piece that has an out of place ruffle in the back.’

Someone else had similar feelings about the ruffle and said: ‘Yeah it would look better without the butt flaps.’

But others pointed out that the bodysuit dress is for a beach wedding and the length is just fine.

‘I don’t care for the dress, but it’s a beach wedding, so I can see it being more practical, said one person.

‘And I see a lot of things posted here that are far more shame worthy than this.’

Another member said: ‘It’s a beach wedding. Swimsuits show more.’

Others warned her against wearing it and said it would cause a ‘hissy fit’ from her husband’s family and was ‘just tacky’, while some went as far as saying they ‘hate’ it.

One person said she ‘wanted to hate’ it, but the power of the dress made them change their minds.

‘I wanted to hate this,’ they said.

‘I really did. But it’s kind of amazing.’

A few also compared the bride-to-be to female superheroes and said she looks ‘flawless’.

‘This is what Wonder Woman would wear to her wedding on the island of amazon women,’ one person commented.

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