Proud mum gets her daughter to blow out birthday candles without spreading germs – but is savaged for ruining the fun

BLOWING out your birthday candles is a fun tradition – but one mum has created a solution to the “problem” of germs being sprayed over the cake.

The woman shared how she got a tiny replica version of her three-year-old daughter’s cake for her to blow out a single candle – but some people said she ruined the fun.

The mum called the mini cake a “wish cake” and said it meant that they could share the big “germ-free” cake with everyone at the party. 

She wrote: “**Wish Cake*** Thought I would share an idea I came up with this past weekend.

“It was our daughters 3rd Birthday Party and like all children I knew she would want to blow out a candle when we all sang Happy Birthday. 

“So I asked the lovely lady who made her birthday cake if she could make a mini version as a 'Wish Cake' so we could put a candle in it and she could blow it out.

“It looked adorable, and no germs were spread over her big cake which we were able to share with everyone.

“Hope this idea inspires others.”

The two Frozen-themed cakes were made by Cotton Tail Cakes, and perfectly matched the little girl's Elsa dress.

The post has racked up over 8,000 likes, with one impressed parent saying: “I love it!! In fact I think I’m going to offer it!”

A second wrote: “Brilliant idea.”

However, many savaged the mum, with one saying: “Just blow out the candles on the big cake like people have done for years.”

Another agreed saying: “Just let your child blow out the candles on their actual cake! Ffs it's their birthday!!”

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