Queen Letizia beauty hack: The monarch follows easy routine every morning for glowing skin

Queen Letizia of Spain sports summer dress for royal visit

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Queen Letizia, 49, usually opts for very natural makeup, looking impeccable and with radiant skin. But what’s her secret?

According to her former beautician, Carmen Navarro, Queen Letizia’s main concern are sunspots.

Among her daily skincare routine, her number one priority is sunscreen, said Carmen.

For glowing and luminous skin, Queen Letizia also hydrates her face every day.

“Queen Letizia’s skin is hydrated, protected and has a luminosity that doesn’t go unnoticed.

“She knows her skin perfectly and she is very disciplined with her skincare routines,” Carmen explained.

Therefore, the Queen of Spain’s main skincare hack is hydrating the skin on a daily basis and using sunscreen.

Dermatologists recommend using a cream with antioxidants in the morning, and retinol and other anti-ageing ingredients at night, especially after 40.

The Queen’s former beautician revealed: “Queen Letizia is gorgeous but very demanding of herself.

“She is very beautiful, she has beautiful skin and wonderful eyes.

“What happens is that she is very disciplined with herself.

“She was a regular customer at our centre, but I can’t reveal what we did,” Carmen said.

“But basically, what is done to all women according to the needs of each moment.

“The Queen is a wonderful person, very demanding with herself, but with others she is charming,” explained Carmen.

According to the beauty expert, Queen Letizia opts for organic skincare products with plant extracts.

To get your skin looking as perfect as Queen Letizia’s, Carmen recommended facials which contribute to cell renewal.

“After a certain age, we lose luminosity. With a good exfoliation we can manage to renew and regenerate”, Carmen said.

“To achieve that luminous and splendid skin, I advise putting on masks.

“Take advantage of Fridays to relax and enjoy that moment,” she recommended.

According to Carmen Navarro, another essential ingredient for glowing skin is vitamin C: “It is responsible for giving light to the skin. It is also one of the best allies for tired and dull skin.

“In addition to ingesting it through fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, citrus fruits or strawberries, there are supplements of pure vitamin C for your skin, which are perfect to apply before the usual routine.”

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