Shoppers love Lidl’s £10 projector with Halloween, Christmas and NYE slides and it’s cheaper than expensive lights – The Sun

THE Autumn and winter months are full of fun and festivities, with Halloween, firework night, Christmas and New Year's Eve all on the horizon.

Celebrating these events usually involves decorating our homes, which can prove expensive.

But thanks to a super cheap gadget from Lidl, shoppers are making sure their decorations for all four events are sorted for just £10.

Yes that's right, people are raving about the budget supermarket's cheap light projector, which decorates outdoor space with the touch of a button.

Writing on the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, one happy customer raved about the affordable projector.

She said: "Someone had posted about the projector from Lidl, I bought two today and this is them in action.

"Really impressed £10 and you get 2 different Halloween slides, 3 Christmas ones and one with fireworks."She continued: "The wire is really thin so goes through window easily and the window can be shut tight."Several shoppers commented on the woman's post, tagging friends or pledging to buy one themselves next time they visit the discount shop.One person wrote: "Good if it covers Halloween, bonfire and Christmas. Kids will love it!!"Another tagged a friend, writing: "I'll have to see if I can get one."

You can buy the projector in Lidl nowCredit: Lidl
Others have been raving about the projector, which includes 6 interchangeable pattern slides for multiple seasons: Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Halloween.

According to Lidl's website, the projector should be positioned under shelter, but it is splashproof so there's no need to worry if it gets a little bit wet.

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