Sophie Wessex shocks replacing wedding and engagement ring for Good Housekeeping cover

Sophie Countess of Wessex married Prince Edward in 1991. She looks stunning on the cover in a white funnel neck dress. Her blonde hair is swept away from her face and she looks stunning in neutral make-up.

The company prides itself on its gems, replicated jewels like diamonds, pearls and opals.

Sophie’s pieces are the “Original Non-Drop Drops”, which cost £63.

The company says of the brand: “This is our third bestseller – a timeless design with a cunning twist.”

According to website the gems are very good for those who find it hard to wear drop earrings as they “sit close to the lobe.”

The earrings are made of cubic zirconia.

Despite their costume jewellery status, Sophie has worn the jewels to a number high status of royal events.

Sophie wore the pieces for the Trooping of the Colour, among a number of other occasions.

Even more observant fans will notice the royal has replaced her wedding ring and appears not to be wearing her engagement ring.

Sophie originally had a gold band made of Welsh gold as her wedding band, a tradition in the Royal Family.

When he proposed Edward presented Sophie with a gold band, featuring a heart-shaped diamond and two more diamonds, one either side.

On the ring of her left hand on this cover Sophie is wearing a diamond eternity band.

Sophie has been wearing this band for a number of years. Occasionally she wears a gold and on the finger instead.

It’s not unusually for women to switch up their rings, especially when it comes to engagement rings large centre stones tend to snag on and damage jewellery.

However, Sophie does still wear her original engagement ring, showing off the gem on a trip to Bristol Zoo in July 23 last year.

While Sophie and Edward have been married for many years, they are happier than ever, a body language expert has told 

“Of all the Queen’s children, Edward was perhaps the one least expected to make a strong, long-term marriage,” she told

“But then as his siblings created an unexpectedly low bar in terms of marriage survival rates, now suddenly it’s Edward looking like the son with the relationship staying power after all.”

Prince Edward was the last of his siblings to get married but is the only one of the Queen’s children who has not separated from their spouse.

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