Teen left in agony after her £22 nails were ‘shredded’ by a beautician

A TEENAGER is urging women to do more research before booking in for a manicure after her finger tips were allegedly "shredded"  by a beautician.

Paige Belfied, 17, claims she endured half an hour of agonising pain when getting her acrylic nails done at a salon in Canterbury, Kent.

Although the teen regularly gets her nails done at this salon, she was given a new beautician on her most recent trip.

As someone who bites her nails, Paige admitted that they are shorter than most – but that didn't stop the beautician from allegedly filing them down with an electric drill.

She said: "I bite my nails as well, so obviously they were short, but he shouldn't have kept going over my natural nails and they were throbbing. They were so painful."

After this, Paige claims the nail technician filed the nails to the point where they were bleeding before going in with the acrylics.

She claims the technician put the fake nails on "wonky" and she immediately asked for them to be removed.

She said: "I had them done but I got them removed there and then. They were really bad. Awful.

"My friend was like, 'Paige I'm not going to let you pay for them.' They were horrendous."

Although the technician removed the fake nails, Paige said he wasn't all that happy about it.

She added: "The skin was coming off. I was bleeding and he didn’t care.

"I said ‘I want them off now, they’re awful’ and he was really moody and started getting really angry. He was shaking."

What's more, Paige claims the manager – who normally does her nails – witnessed the whole exchange and refused to do anything about it.

She said: "I kept flinching. He still didn’t stop. He got underneath my index finger and lifted the real nail with the electric thing. I was like ‘I can’t take anymore, I’m leaving.’

“I washed my hands and left because I physically couldn’t sit through the pain. He kept continuing with the bloody thing.

“It was some man I’d never seen before. It was obviously just someone [the manager] called in for cover.”

Insisting that the beautician "shredded" her nails, Paige is now urging other women to do more research before booking in for salon treatments.

When she got home, the teen posted about her experience on Facebook.

Paige added: "There are 200 comments on my (Facebook) pic and everyone has had the same experience as me.

"I'm probably lucky not to have an infection. My whole family are disgusted. I just wanted to warn girls: don’t go there.”

Meanwhile, Paige's mother Jemma Needham, 36, rang the salon to complain who offered the teenager a free set of acrylics to apologise.

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