The Ultimate Guide to 2020's Jewelry Trends

The Ultimate Guide to 2020’s Jewelry Trends

For 2020, there is a trail of both history and nature that runs through nearly all of the jewelry trends we most love, working their way through material, shape, and sentiment alike. Most literally, organic shapes and natural hard stones are gaining strength, showing up in jewelry of all shapes, sizes, and forms. Running parallel are trends that were first conceptualized centuries ago, bringing new life to Gypsy and signet rings alike. And, what’s more, the jewelry lovers in us all have been seeking symbols of strength when it comes to choices of metal cuff bracelets, chunky chain-link necklaces, and more.

2020 is, of course, the start of a whole new decade and, with that, comes a new responsibility to set the tone for the coming years. We, for one, are very excited for all that is to come. Ahead, find the 12 trends that are kicking off the decade with full-force . . . and all the pieces we can’t wait to shop now.

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