This Adhesive Bra Makes Backless and Strapless Possibilities Endless, and Amazon Shoppers Swear It's Actually Comfortable

The holiday season is upon us, and between friendsgiving gatherings, work parties, and New Year's Eve celebrations, it can feel like there are hundreds of events to attend in the coming months — and more importantly, hundreds of outfits to plan. As someone with a large chest who refuses to go braless, finding an outfit that flatters my body while concealing my bra's straps is stressful enough on its own. Add that on top of the pressure to don Instagram-worthy holiday looks all season long, and it often feels easier to throw on an oversized turtleneck and call it a day rather than deal with clothes that require a strapless bra, or (even worse) no bra at all. 

Well, it appears I've never had a unique experience in my life, and thousands of shoppers have already found the solution to similar bra-related outfit emergencies. The miracle product in question that may save me (and women of all chest sizes) from another winter of hiding under layers? The Niidor Adhesive Strapless Bra on Amazon.

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The silicone sticky bra is the $20 "wardrobe and comfort game changer" that's managed to rack up over 12,500 five-star ratings from satisfied Amazon shoppers. The backless and strapless bra comes in sizes A to F (though some reviewers suggest sizing up for more coverage) and four different shades of nude to give its wearer an invisible lift in tops and dresses of all cuts and styles.

"I have been wearing silicone adhesive bras for over a year, and this is by far the most comfy, form-fitting one I have ever used," one reviewer said. "I feel like I'm bra-less, it does not feel like anything is on at all. They stick on so nicely and they never feel like they will fall off. I don't like wearing bras, and I do not find them comfortable at all, but these are amazing and I highly recommend."

The "amazing" reusable sticky bra also comes with two silicone nipple covers for those who are comfortable going bra-less, but still crave extra coverage. What's more, shoppers say one bra can last them for months at a time with proper care, so you can wear the same bra to tackle every holiday event on your calendar in whatever outfit you please.

"I've tried sticky boobs in the past and never wore them outside of my house since they didn't offer enough support," one reviewer wrote. "I wore this thing to a party where I was diving over tables, then to a bar where I line danced my booty off, and then I went to an after party and then to breakfast. This sucker held up through all the movement and sweat like a champ. I'm not joking when I say I'm completely updating my wardrobe because this bra opened up so many doors for me."

If you've been looking for a "ridiculously comfortable" bra alternative to help you rock each and every outfit the holiday season throws your way, follow my lead by heading to Amazon and adding one of these $20 Niidor Adhesive Bras to your cart now.

Shop now: $20;

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