This Meghan Markle-Approved Brand Just Made A Bodysuit Fit For Royalty

Whatever Meghan Markle wears, the fashion community follows. And one of Markle’s favorite tights brands, Heist, dropped The Outer Body bodysuit in three fun new colors. (Offered in sizes XS to XL.) Seeing how royals are asked by the Queen to wear tights at all times, the Duchess knows a good brand when she sees one. And the Heist bodysuit is going to be a game changer.

The Outer Body bodysuit is one of those rare shapewear pieces that doesn’t make you want to die inside. Being the first ever colorful shapewear, The Outer Body is designed with style in mind. It is meant to be worn either under your clothes for a smooth silhouette, or worn solo with jeans and skirts. When worn as a top, it looks like a ’90s throwback leotard.

"We were sick of shapewear that we’d be embarrassed to be seen in so The Outer Body is designed to show off," Heist’s site reads.

Wondering how you’ll be able to stand to wear shapewear as a top all day long? It won’t be a problem, because the bodysuit conforms to your body without squeezing you in. The Outer Body is a breakthrough in garment design, and it uses technology that has never before been used in underwear.

The design was led by performance-wear innovator Fiona Fairhurst, who is the legendary inventor of the Speedo Fastskin swimsuit. The swimsuit was so revolutionary and contributed to such an astonishing number of swimming world records being toppled, that the Olympics banned the suit from being used. And now Fairhurst has come for your bodysuit.

What makes the Heist The Outer Body different is that it takes cues from the body’s own support system — the fascia. The fascia is the connective tissue right beneath your skin that stabilizes your muscles. By using HeroPanels, the bodysuit uses that same film technology as your body to only apply pressure to the areas where your body needs it. That means that there is no squeezing involved, since there is no elastic band in sight.

What makes The Outer Body a clear winner over any other shapewear is those HeroPanels. "We created HeroPanels to shape, smooth and slim up to five centimeters off your waist in total comfort," Toby Darbyshire, founder of Heist, tells Bustle. "We’ve just dropped The Outer Body in three new ultra limited edition colors for summer, Ink, Ivy and Sienna. And this is a world-first in shapewear, because who said functional can’t be fun?" And if you’re more of a minimalist gal, the bodysuit also comes in black, brown, and white.

Now here’s the fun stuff. Since The Outer Body compresses only where you need it, there’s no fight involved in putting it on. You won’t have to wiggle and jump to put the thing on, and it moves with your body rather than against it throughout the day.

It’s also a great summer piece,since the bodysuit won’t make you sweat. Instead of constricting you with layers of fabric, The Outer Body has 20,000 tiny laser-perforations to keep you from being sweaty and constricted.

As for Markle loving Heist’s tights, there’s a reason for that. And it ties into the careful attention to detail the brand gives each piece it comes up with. "We love that Meghan Markle is one of the thousands of women who wear our nude tights, and support us as a brand. We reinvented tights by creating a seamless toe-to-toe tube, with an adaptive waistband that means no digging, sagging or rolling," Darbyshire explains. "We then worked with 85,000 women to develop seven shades of nude so that everyone, including Meghan Markle, could find their perfect match."

Whether it’s making tights more comfortable or turning shapewear into playful statement tops, Heist is here to revolutionize your intimates drawer.

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