What celebrities' homes REALLY say about them & why Stacey Solomon’s cosy pad is proof she’s a devoted mum

LET'S be honest – we spend so much time following our favourite celebs on social media these days, we don't have to think twice to picture their distinct interior styles.

Grey velvet? That's got to be Mrs Hinch. Cosy and inviting yet incredible organised? That's Stacey Solomon down to a T.

Meanwhile, Michelle Keegan and Vicky Pattison are famous for their uber glam furnishings while Jacqueline Jossa has a more minimal and sleek home style.

And now interior experts have revealed what these stars' homes REALLY say about them – from the hands-on mum to the secret perfectionist.

Stacey Solomon

If you're one of Stacey Solomon's 3.8m Instagram followers, then you'll already know how much she loves a tidy home.

Whether she's organising her messy television cupboard with a Poundland rack or sorting out her son's jumbled crayon collection, Stacey has established herself as a home organisation queen while also keeping her living space cosy and inviting.

Analysing Stacey's dreamy interiors, founder of the French Bedroom Company Georgia Metclaffe said Stacey's home proves she is a "practical" and "devoted mum".

She said: "Stacey loves the practical options and all rooms have been well planned and carefully considered. 

"The storage shelves are nicely adorned with personal items without looking cluttered. 

"Having a career as well as being a mum of three means Stacey has to be really organised and juggle a lot, and you can see how that organisation manifests itself in her immaculate home."

What's more, Stitched co-founder Elinor Pitt said the star's love of cool neutral tones and cosy furnishings proves suggests she's "super positive" person.

She told Fabulous Digital: "The white and cool neutral colours in her home bring a sense of harmony to her life – which is a welcome contrast to the fact she has three growing kids to look after every day! 

"Stacey's all about comfort over styling. Based off her neutral tones, we think she's got a super positive personality and always wants to live in harmony with those around her."

Mrs Hinch

If there's one thing we know about Mrs Hinch, it's that she loves the colour grey.

From her DFS velvet sofa to her bespoke bedframe, the cleanflunecer has pretty much decorated her entire house in varying shades of the same colour – and made it the must-have Instagram trend in the process.

Describing the social media star as a "shy and sensitive soul", Elinor said: "Mrs Hinch's neutral home creates the perfect backdrop to help make her centre stage."

Supporting this claim, Georgia agreed that Mrs Hinch is a "kind friend" by how she puts the emphasis on family with her interior choices.

She said: "Grey is a safe colour – not only does it provide a clean visual background for other colours, it also allows the perfect backdrop for personal items and accessories to pop. 

"It’s clear that Sophie places real emphasis on her family with her interiors.  Grey is also a crowd-pleaser– so it shows that Sophie has chosen a colour that’s safe and inoffensive."

Michelle Keegan

There's no denying that Michelle Keegan's stunning Essex home looks like something straight out of an interior design magazine – and according to our experts, it proves she's an "honest and independent" personality.

From her plush grey bed to her statement blue suede armchair, it's hardly surprising that the former Corrie actress has her own home range with Very.

Examining her trend-driven rooms filled with pampas grass and huge mirrors, Elinor said: "Michelle's home feels super glamorous -she's used a variety of textures and materials that feel elegant.

"Her styling shouts honest, independent and reliable."

Georgia said: "Michelle has gone full throttle on luxury.

"The huge bed, chic bed linen, and super-luxe carpet and thick draping curtains, tie-backs and pelmets make this room feel like a suite at a lavish London hotel."

Jacqueline Jossa

Just like Mrs Hinch, Queen of the Jungle Jac Jossa can't resist a grey sofa -but she also has some modern touches of marble and suede running through her home.

Based on her plush furnishings, the experts agreed that she is a "warm and sociable" character.

Georgia said: "Crushed velvet and marble are a contemporary and clean choice, and when you add a huge sofa adorned with giant squishy cushions it really makes the room feel comforting and cosy. 

"Great for socialising with large groups of friends, but equally special for family snuggles and sofa-Sundays during lockdown."

Vicky Pattison

Earlier this year, fellow I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here winner Vicky Pattison showed off the new home she'd moved into with boyfriend Ercan Ramadan.

As a former Queen of the Jungle, it'll be no surprise that the star has a safari-themed bathroom and plenty of trendy furnishings dotted round her living space.

After examining the star's picture-perfect home, Georgia said: "Vicky is a stickler for perfect order, she has a really keen eye for detail and every corner of every room has been immaculately styled.

"I love the clean contemporary chrome lines that combine with soft and luxurious textures such as faux fur and crushed velvet.  Practical storage solutions in tones of grey and white to make this home really on trend and inviting too."

Elinor added: "The jungle theme is a reflection of her playful and adventurous personality, she isn't afraid to take on a challenge and has a super positive outlook to life."

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