Woman comes up with clever 16p hack to make her fan even cooler in the heatwave | The Sun

IT'S so hot in the UK at the moment that people are struggling to cope, even with fans blasting.

But one woman has come up with a 16p hack to mimic having air conditioning at home – and all you need is a fan and a couple of ice pops.

Jacqueline took to TikTok to share the clever trick, which involved securing ice pops to the front of the fan with clear hair elastics.

"My life hack of the day. You know these little elastic hairbands you get? Attach them to your fan, pull it through," she explained.

"Then you go and buy some of these (ice pops), long ones, make sure they’re frozen.

"Put them through the loops in the fan… aircon. Cold air.

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"Best thing about these, you can chuck them back in the freezer, get some more out and you’ve got more cold air!"

Concluding, Jacqueline wrote: "I thought that was f**king genius."

And considering you can get a box of 20 Mr Freeze ice pops for just £1.70 from Sainsbury's, this is one hack that won't break the bank.

"That is genius," one person wrote in the comments section.

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"Off to buy ice pops now!"

"Reckon am giving this a go but gunna put loads on," another added.

"What a brilliant idea I know what I am off to get tomorrow thanks," a third wrote.

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"This is amazing!" someone else commented.

"That's brilliant," another wrote, to which Jacqueline replied: "Right!! It’s amazing when your brain cell works lol."

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