Woman delighted when her husband runs her a romantic bath with rose petals – then realises he got them from a FUNERAL

A WOMAN was surprised and delighted after her husband ran her romantic bath with rose petals – but that wasn’t the only shock in store.

TikTok user Betty Beard, who posts under @overyonder85, said she was horrified after she realised her husband had picked up the roses from a FUNERAL.

She shared a video of the inviting bath, which had petals round the side and in the water.

Betty wrote: “I was so happy because my husband came home being romantic but then…”

She then uploaded a photo of a bouquet of flowers, and said: “This fool got these flowers from a funeral.”

The irate wife added the caption: “I’m not getting in that”.

Her video has racked up over 250,000 likes, and many people were entertained at her tale.

One wrote: “I would be SCREAMINGGGGG but it’s the thought that counts.”

Betty added: “I screamed I don’t do well at all with the dead. I’ll have to give it a story time.”

Another person commented: “I mean free flowers. I guess it’s better than none.”

A third wrote: “A for effort, P for paranormal activity.”

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