Woman’s Christmas present to her niece looks A LOT ruder than it is

THERE'S less than 24 hours to go now until Christmas – and we don't know about you but we're in a full-panic present wrapping mode.

At this point in the game, most of our gifts look like they've been packaged up by a two-year-old.

But we'd happily take that over accidentally wrapping them into the shape of something rather rude like this unsuspecting aunt.

Sharing her wrapping fail on Facebook, the woman revealed that she'd bought her 21-year-old niece a bottle of vanilla liqueur for Christmas.

So far, so innocent. However, the woman ran into trouble when she decided to also buy her niece two shot glasses to go with it.

Instead of wrapping them as two separate presents, the aunt grouped them together – and only realised how rude it looked after it was too late.

Leaning into her wrapping fail, she then added a "naughty or nice" gift tag on the present and challenged other members of the group to guess what was inside.

Unsurprisingly, most people joked that it contained a supersized sex toy and reminded the aunt to include batteries too.

 One bloke asked: "A very small upright vacuum cleaner?"

Meanwhile, others suggested that it could be a "magical lollipop" or "something with very big feet".

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