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AT this time of year we’re all focused on getting fit and eating healthily, but our busy lives often make that difficult – so that’s where meal delivery services come in.

Fresh ingredients delivered directly to your door, organic fruit and vegetable boxes, recipe kits full of everything you need to create a wholesome, health-giving meal – the best meal delivery services cover all of these options.

And you don’t have to be an amazing chef to create amazing meals, as recipes and step-by-step instructions are usually provided, along with the exact amounts of individual ingredients required – so there’s no waste!

There’s a great selection of different dishes too, so whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, a confirmed carnivore or a curry fan, you’ll find something to suit your tastes.

All of this plus no need to go grocery shopping! It’s easy to see why meal delivery services have increased in popularity so much in recent years.

Best meal delivery services at a glance:

  • Best for vegans: allplants
  • Best for students: Tastily
  • Best for Keto: Green Chef
  • Best for frozen: Après
  • Best for pasta: Pasta Evangelists
  • Best for full day meal plans: Balance Box
  • Best for entertaining: Phomo
  • Best for dieters: Diet Chef


  • Order the HelloFresh meal delivery service here

HelloFresh is a fantastic meal delivery service if you're looking to add more personalisation to your order.

There are many plans available depending on the number of people you're cooking for and how many HelloFresh meals you want per week. The service also gives you the exact amount of ingredients that you'll need for your meals, so there's no food waste.

The ever-changing selection of recipes on offer includes family favourites, veggie meals, calorie smart options and quick-to-make dishes for busy weeks.

Delivery: across the country. Cost: from £3.15 per person.


  • Night in for 2, £39.05 (including free delivery) from Phomo – buy here

Phomo illustrates just how varied and exciting the world of meal delivery services has become over the last few years.

The brand specialises in Vietnamese food, specifically pho (pronounced "fuh"), a meaty, brothy, herbaceous noodle soup that is considered the country's national dish. If you've not tried it, then you're missing out; it has a perfect blend of heartiness, spiciness and freshness that's found in a lot of Vietnamese food.

In this bundle, you get a pho kit for two people — you can choose from chicken, beef or prawns with chicken broth — as well as a starter to share. We can testify that there's enough food for two (which can be a worry with some meal delivery kits), and that it's absolutely delicious. It's a perfect option if you're planning a Valentine's Day in, or if you just fancy trying something new. And if you decide you love it, you can save 10% by subscribing to regular deliveries.


  • Order the Tastily meal delivery service here 

The ingredients in Tastily meals are locally sourced where possible and provide an average of 33g protein, 530 calories and at least two of your five a day. They’re ready cooked so all you need to do is reheat.

We tried some of the most popular dishes, including the Chicken Katsu Curry, Miso Glazed Salmon and Beef Brisket Massaman, and were impressed by every single one — they're certainly not your standard microwave meals.

Preservative-free, the meals keep for seven days in the fridge. There’s a good selection to choose from and new dishes are added every fortnight.

The food containers are made with mainly recycled plastic and they can themselves be recycled, along with the rest of the packaging.

Students get a 30% discount off their first order, then 15% discount after that through Student Beans.

If you’re extra hungry you can increase the portion size too, for just £1.15 extra – very handy!

Delivery: across the country. Cost: from £6.75 per meal.

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