18 painfully relatable memes for people who hate hot weather

Written by Kayleigh Dray

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Calling all summertime Scrooges; these hot weather memes are made for you.

Ah, the weather. It’s one of our favourite things to talk about here in the UK, but it’s also one of the most divisive – particularly in the height of summer. 

While some people love nothing more than donning their bikinis and sunning themselves in the park, other sweatier people (read: this writer) are forced to retreat to the shadows like vampires, desperately seeking solace in ancient desk fans, ice lollies, and darkened cinemas with the aircon on full blast. 

If you ever out yourself as the latter, of course, it tends to spark something… well, something not unlike outrage in the former. Even a simple “it’s too hot” will be branded a curse upon summer, and any future rainfall will be on your head, damn it!

But, as my dear friend Hanna Ibraheem puts it, “people are always like, don’t jinx it; it’ll get colder and rain. And I’m like, but I WANT IT TO GET COLDER AND RAIN.”

This heatwave is too much for us summertime Scrooges, quite frankly.

Well, exactly. Because Hanna, much like myself, belongs to a secret society of summertime Scrooges. And bah, humbug, we want nothing more than to shrug our sweaters and boots back on, swirl ourselves up in a bundle of cosy blankets, pour ourselves a mug of hot chocolate, and get cosy

Sadly, we can’t do this while we’re living in muggy 29°C climes. We can’t do it when the sweat droplets are clinging to our upper lips, to the backs of our necks, to every single crevice on our bodies. When our favourite comfort foods – the pies, the jacket potatoes, the gravy! – are well and truly off the menu (you try eating anything hotter or heavier than a picky bits platter at this time of year). When we just don’t know what to wear anymore. When our thighs are chafing, and we’re peeling ourselves off any leather seat we dare settle down upon, and the nights are too sweltering to even attempt to sleep.

Peak-cosiness, my friends, just isn’t achievable when everything is so bloody sticky.

So, what can we do to ease our discomfort, then? Revel in oh-so-relatable memes, of course. 

Here are just a few of our favourites. 

  • “Are you ready for hot girl summer?”

    Our ideas of what a “hot girl summer” actually entails are wildly different.

  • Summer is great if…


  • “I’m not saying it’s too hot or anything, but…”

    We’d like our holy water iced, thank you very much.

  • A little more ventilation, please

    For real.

  • Do you see us complaining?

    What they said.

  • Nobody gets it

    Is it dramatic if it’s true, though?

  • How can anyone enjoy this?

    Surely, surely, surely anyone who revels in weather like this is an actual sadist. Surely.

  • What about the mosquitos?

    I am basically 99% Marmite at this point, but even that doesn’t deter the swarm of biting bugs that descend on me every single summer.

  • Let us sleep

    Siestas are golden, folks. The only part of summer we enjoy, actually.

  • Too hot to function

    Seriously, who has energy to do anything but sit around in their underwear with the fan on full blast?

  • Embrace the dark side

    It’s more than OK to join the summertime Scrooge gang, we promise; any and all applicants will be considered!

  • Why isn’t sweat a universal thing?

    Asking for a friend.

  • Proceed with Operation Pumpkin Spice

    We miss you so much, autumn. So damn much.

  • Oven gloves at the ready, folks

    A new kind of sun safety.

  • Genuinely into this idea…

    Literally craving goosebumps at the moment.

  • What do you mean, you want to go outside?

    Come and talk to us when the mercury dips.

  • Check in on your friends with curly hair

    They are not OK right now.

  • Yes, we are *still* wearing black

    Don’t you dare judge us.

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