3 Of Elon Musk’s Former Mansions, Worth Ranked

Elon Musk is keeping busy these days with various SpaceX projects, including the recent test launch of the Starship SN10. Though the vessel burst into flames several minutes after successfully landing, the testing phase is getting more and more sophisticated. With his infallible vision to get to Mars in the next few years, Musk recently moved to Texas, where he is close to the Tesla and SpaceX offices. Embracing the spirit of minimalism, Musk recently sold several of his mansions, after he announced via Twitter in 2020 via Twitter that he would be selling almost all of his real estate.  With sales estimated at $137 million for 7 different properties, Musk is quickly liquidating his array of stunning homes.

While we don’t know what type of living quarters Elon has settled into in Texas, he is already planning to build an entire space-related city there. The plan is to create a city called ‘Starbase’, which will encompass the current SpaceX rocket-building and testing facility.

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3 Gene Wilder House: $ 7 Million

In the summer of 2020, Elon Musk sold the famous Gene Wilder house to Gene Wilder’s nephew, for a cool $7,000,000, which is $250,000 more than he paid for the property in 2013. The sleepy home, which is virtually invisible from the street, is located in the Bel-Air region, a neighborhood that Musk has occupied for years. While he never actually lived in this home, he did use it as a private educational base for his own children, and for the children of his SpaceX and Tesla employees.

The home is legendary in Hollywood, as it was once occupied by Gene Wilder, the actor made famous for his role as Willie Wonka in Willie Wonka And The Chocolate Factory. The ranch-style home has a lot of old, original charm, which was one of the main things that attracted Musk when he originally purchased the home. He specifically didn’t want to alter or renovate the home, in order to retain it’s original essence. He was happy to pass the torch back to the nephew of Gene Wilder, so that the home could continue with the original family line.

2 Bel Air Mansion: $29 Million

Musk’s Bel-Air mansion is one of the most impressive celebrity homes, and Elon made an impressive profit from the recent sale. Purchased for $17,000,000 in 2012, the property was sold to Chinese tech billionaire, Ding Lei,  who was once coined as ‘China’s richest man’, for $29,000,000, in 2020.

The property boasts 16,250 square feet of space, including six large bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, an impressive two-story library, swimming pool, and large tennis court area. The luxurious location overlooks the Bel-Air Country Club, and features an impressive outdoor area, with pathways, gardens, and a fruit orchard. The home is one of a cluster of 4 Los Angeles homes that Musk bought, alleging that too many fans were trying to spy on him by approaching the properties before he bought them all out. This elaborate home certainly has enough space for guests, large families, and parties!

1 Los Angeles 4 Home Cluster: $62 Million

The Los Angeles cluster of four homes that Musk previously owned were all listed for sale in early 2020, and the collection sold (to different buyers) for a total of $62,000,000. Musk listed all four of his Bel-Air properties in spring of 2020, after citing on Twitter that he planned to move towards a more minimalist lifestyle, and would be selling most of his properties. Four of these properties were neighboring homes, that ensured total privacy for the Tesla and SpaceX CEO and his family. While the initial claim was met with skepticism, the past year has proved that Elon meant business! The four properties he sold include a ‘Boomerang’ pad that was initially bought for $3.7 Million  in 2014. The home, which is shaped like a boomerang, sold for $4 Million last year.  Of course, the massive mansion that then sold for $29 Million was also part of the fleet.

While it’s impressive that one of the richest men in the world is embracing a minimalist life, Elon Musk continues to do very big things in his professional, entrepreneurial life. Downsizing his properties might also be a temporary thing; with a net worth of $176 Billion, he can definitely afford to buy as many homes as he desires, down the line.

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