41 years ago budget airliner Laker went bust

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Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher turned down a last-minute plea for help from founder Sir Freddie Laker. A victim of the recession of the early 1980s, the airline was the first to offer low-cost flights between London and New York.

71 years ago (1952)

King George VI died in his sleep at Sandringham aged just 56 after suffering coronary thrombosis.

A heavy smoker, the king had also developed lung cancer. A quiet and nervous man, he had not expected to become monarch but was catapulted onto the throne after the abdication of his brother King Edward VIII in 1936.

52 years ago (1971)

Astronaut Alan Shepard became the first person to play golf on the Moon using a ball and club he’d smuggled on board Apollo 14.

Shepard and his colleague Edgar Mitchell spent nine hours surveying the lunar surface and collecting samples of rocks.

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