6 Best Remote-Controlled Cars For Kids 2020 | The Sun UK

YOU’LL be amazed at how much remote-controlled toy vehicles have changed since you were a kid.

Go beyond Scalextric with our round-up of the best remote-controlled cars you can buy right now, just in time for Christmas.

For younger children and even older ones, learning to drive a remote-controlled car is an exercise in concentration and will also help to develop their fine motor skills and coordination.

It’s also all-round excellent fun and you might even find yourself begging your child for a go.

From stunt vehicles and sports cars to racers and monster trucks, there are plenty of remote-controlled cars out there for your child will fall in love with,

But whatever type of vehicle you settle on, take a note of the batteries needed to power it and if you’re giving the car as a gift, either charge the batteries or supply enough that your child can get started as soon as the box is opened – there’s nothing more soul-destroying than a long wait to play!

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