Absolute Nightmare Gets Pulled Out Of A Louisiana Mall Wall

Cara the 12-foot-long albino Burmese python has finally been found!

The nonvenomous 150-pound snake was found to have slipped out of her enclosure at the Blue Zoo Aquarium inside the Mall of Louisiana in Baton Rouge on Tuesday morning.

Snake experts, animal trackers, firefighters, police officers, plumbers and heating engineers were all drafted in to assist in the search for the at-large serpent.

The aquarium was closed during the search and appeals on social media were made for sniffer dogs and scanning devices.

Cara was discovered early Thursday morning inside a wall.

It’s currently unclear exactly where she was found and if she’d sneaked past the perimeter of the aquarium.

The aquarium shared footage of Cara being pulled out:

Cara was “safe and healthy,” the aquarium captioned the clip.





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