Amazing side-by-side photo show stark differences

Sizing it up! ! Incredible side-by-side photos put the true scale of objects into perspective – from a dinosaur bone to a traffic light

  • People from all over the world have shared amazing comparison pictures online 
  • Put into perspective how big elephants and camels look compared to humans
  • Also showed how a few days or weather conditions can change a landscape  

These incredible side-by-side photographs help put objects into perspective. 

From a human lying next to a dinosaur bone, to a woman standing next to a camel, the images help give an idea of the scale of objects, creatures and natural phenomena. 

The photos, shared by social media users from around the world, were rounded up in an online gallery on trivia website The Imperfective

One particularly striking shot of a hurricane shows how it looms thousands of feet in the air above a wind turbine farm. Another shows a woman standing next to a traffic light, which comes up to her shoulders. 

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the most fascinating examples.   

These pictures compare objects, landscapes and animals to put things into perspective. Pictured, a woman next to the bone of a Triceratops, left, and the bone of an elephant, right

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A Japanese museum showed the difference in size of the brain of a shark, left, and the brain of a dolphin, right 

A sports journalist compared the size of her hand with the hand of an NBA player

Also in the US, a woman stands next to a traffic light, revealing how it reaches her chest

An American woman on vacation was shocked to find she was as tall as a camel lying down

A woman standing beneath the same sign in summer (left) and winter in a photo that reveals just how deep the snow can get. It also explains why ski slope signs need to be so tall

The skeleton of a homosapien (left) compared to the skeleton of a gorilla reveals strong similarities

This breathtaking photograph shows a tornado whipping through the air, thousands of feet above a wind turbine farm (seen bottom right) that is dwarfed in comparison

Two pictures in Surf City, North Carolina, shows how part of the city was completely devastated by a hurricane. North Shore drive was buried under feet of sand

A person captured how the property opposite was transformed in the space of a week thanks to changing autumnal leaves  

This picture highlights how small the smallest computer ever created is compared to a single grain of rice

An aerial photograph of Barcelona shows the city lit up at night (right) and during the day 

In the US, a son compared his modern smartphone with his mother’s first ever cellphone

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