Anti-depressants have killed my sex drive and now my girlfriend and I just cuddle – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: FOR just over a year, my girlfriend and I have been together in a gay relationship.

We have always been very passionate and had amazing sexual chemistry but now we are never in the mood.

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We are both 23 and have been prescribed anti-depressants for different issues to do with our earlier lives.

They help with the depression but have made our libidos non-existent.

We still kiss and cuddle a lot and I can tell we both want to please each other.

But I want her to know I desire her as much as ever. Is it possible while we are still on anti-depressants?

DEIDRE SAYS: Drugs that smooth out low feelings tend to flatten desire too.

You should both talk to your GPs and ask about different medication or whether a more proactive approach to handling your depression would be possible.

Some people find that combining counselling with exercise and healthy eating can work for them.

My e-leaflets on Sex-Play Therapy and Help For Depression explain more.

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