Asda and Tesco shoppers furious as Easter eggs missing from deliveries

ASDA and Tesco customers are furious after finding their Easter eggs were missing from online deliveries. 

Shoppers had ordered chocolate eggs to be delivered in time for the Easter weekend, only to be left empty-handed with items out of stock.

Customers from Tesco and Asda took to social media to complain.

One customer slammed Tesco and claimed her kids’ Easter eggs were missing from her order.

“No Easter eggs on my Easter Eve grocery delivery?,” she said. “You didn’t have a single egg left to substitute??? None???”

Another Tesco shopper claimed none of the Easter eggs she had ordered had arrived.

She added: “Sorry kids, looks like an Easter egg hunt round the garden is another thing cancelled for you this year!”

Your Easter egg delivery rights

IF your order doesn’t turn up or there are missing items, what are your rights? We explain.

  • If your order is missing items or they aren't up to scratch then the supermarket should refund you in full.
  • Unfortunately there isn't any obligation of the shop to replace your items if they are out of stock.
  • But you should try complaining to the supermarket either in person or via email to ask about compensation.

Another customer had ordered his eggs to be delivered before Good Friday, but claimed he had been left empty handed as well.

He said none of his Easter eggs for his kids and grandchildren had arrived, and no substitutes for the missing items had been given either.

Asda shoppers have also claimed that they have been left egg-less too.

One customer said that he had not received his festive eggs in his online delivery, which were meant to be for his elderly parents. 

“Good old @asda delivery! Not delivering my elderly parents Easter Eggs despite them showing available online three days before Easter,” he said. “Absolute garbage.”

Another shopper said they were “sad” that their Easter eggs had not been delivered, and their children were now “eggless for Easter”.

An Asda spokesperson said:“Our customers have been preparing for Easter earlier than usual this year and we have sold more eggs than ever before. 

"Unfortunately, this means that some customers’ eggs may have become out of stock by the time their delivery is made.

"We have contacted all customers who’s eggs were out of stock and hope they were able to swap this for a different egg or another one of our great Easter treats.’’

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We’re sorry to hear that a small number of customers did not receive an Easter egg with their online delivery.

"We have had good availability throughout the week and on the few occasions that Easter eggs were missing from orders it is because of the popularity in selected locations.”

Many shoppers could also be Easter egg-less this year.

Many supermarkets warned they have been running out of chocolate eggs days before the Easter weekend.

M&S and Asda both warned shoppers that stock of the seasonal chocolate treats are running low online – and they are flying off shelves in stores too.

In a message to customers on its website, Asda said its stocks of Easter eggs are running low.

Meanwhile M&S shoppers are also met with a message saying most of its Easter eggs have sold out online due to high demand.

Easter eggs were spotted on sale as early Christmas Eve – four months before the bank holiday.

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