Asda now does chicken kebab pizza complete with creamy garlic mayo and chilli sauce

Asda has announced the launch of a brand new pizza.

The store has combined everyone’s favourite takeaway items to create the Chicken Kebab Pizza.

Asda’s new delicious product is loaded with ingredients.

Customers can expect hot and spicy chicken, fresh jalapeños and a drizzle of creamy garlic mayonnaise.

And if you like it spicy, you’re in for a treat, as the Chicken Kebab Pizza has hot chilli sauce on top for an extra kebab kick.

Speaking of the pizza, a spokesperson for Asda said: “At Asda, we love creating unique pizzas that bring something different to the counter and our customers’ dining tables.

This summer, we’ve merged two of the most popular takeaway items and created the ultimate hybrid – perfect for enjoying on lazy evenings in the sun or with friends on a weekend”.

Asda’s Chicken Kebab Pizza will be available on select pizza counters from the June 10 until early July, it will cost just £2.50 for 10 inches.

It comes after the store announced the launch of a tiki bar for your garden.

The furniture has its own shelves and matching stools, making it perfect for the summer.

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