Bargain hunters stock up for next Christmas as Asda slashes wrapping paper to 25p a roll

SAVVY shoppers have ALREADY stocked up on wrapping paper for next Christmas after Asda slashed its prices to as low as 25p a roll.

The supermarket’s heavy discounts have sent customers flocking to its aisles.

One customer took to Facebook to post about her bargain hoard.

Uploading a pic of her eight rolls to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group, she said: “I might be a bit crazy but next years wrapping paper bought today in Asda. Reduced to 38p a roll.”

Another shopper said she bagged her rolls for an even lower price. 

She said: "25p in our Asda, got mine last night”.

Another got her paper for the same price. They said: "I got mine for 10p last year but still happy at 25p and 38p".

But other shoppers have suggested to wait a little while longer if they want to get an even better price. 

“Wait till its 5p,” one bargain hunter said. “I’ve got loads from last year.”

Some shoppers who have left their wrapping until the last minute this year are also making use of the plummeting prices.

One bragged: “Shout out to all you losers who wrap your presents dead early.

“Wrapping paper 38p a roll on Asda.”

However, it doesn’t look like the discounts have been applied to rolls online if you were hoping to order your paper in.

It's not the only retailer to sell cheap wrapping paper. We also found Poundland was flogging for the same price.

It's Festive Snowman Wrapping Paper is going for 25p. You can't order it online though so you'll need to head to your nearest branch.

If you are planning to take a trip to Asda to bag your bargain over the festive season, then you might want to check ahead when your store is open.

Like most major supermarkets, Asda is changing its opening times over Christmas and New Year.

We’ve also rounded up all the major supermarkets festive opening hours. 

To save big on Christmas shopping fillers, we’ve also compiled the ultimate list of festive treats for under a fiver. 

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