Brian Laundrie Pinterest sleuths believe his obsession with the Joker could reveal desire to be a criminal mastermind

SLEUTHS have found a possible obsession with the infamous villain the Joker in Brian Laundrie’s Pinterest account. 

Now, many wonder if the 23-year-old had a desire to become a criminal mastermind like the character.

The account, @blaundrie1197, has multiple images of Joaquin Phoenix’s interpretation of the evil clown in the 2019 film, Joker.

However, the “Clown Prince” made his debut in the first issue of Batman in 1940 and his origin story is shrouded in mystery.

Writer Bill Finger and artists Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson all have different accounts of how the character came to be.

The playing card of the same name is thought to be the inspiration along with a clown logo from Coney Island. However, Conrad Veidt’s character from the 1928 horror film, The Man Who Laughs may have influenced the killer clown.

In most adaptations, the Joker has been portrayed as a cold-blooded maniac who terrorizes Gotham City with countless violent pranks.

One of the Joker’s most well-known storylines was in 1988’s A Death in the Family where he infamous killed Batman’s sidekick, Robin.


Other posts have previously been found on Laundrie’s Pinterest with some being shared weeks before his fiancée Gabby Petito disappeared. 

One saved pin titled “The Opposite of Lost” cause a stir online after Laundrie’s own disappearance. 

The image, saved to a folder titled "my Heart", features pale purple and pink clouds. Also written beneath are the words: "Don't try to find me. I have finally escaped my 'master's' wicked clutches.

"To the others I say: JOIN ME. Bite the hand that feeds you. Vive La Beberte – Pierre."


Laundrie shared a chilling social media post featuring squirrels strangling each other before Gabby's murder.

The 23-year-old reposted the twisted image on his Pinterest account showing the animal-on-animal attack below a faceless Christ being crucified – before his fiancee was found strangled in the Wyoming wilderness.

The squirrel composited image appears to originate from another Pinterest user's account.

The homicidal squirrels follow a series of disturbing images on his Pinterest account including skeletons and a bloodied woman.

It was juxtaposed by a snap of squashed soda can sculptures and a comic strip featuring bored aliens conjuring cow abductions to pass away time. 

Some of Brian’s last posts appeared in a folder titled "Bleak" shortly before the last known sighting of Gabby in late August.

Laundrie, though never named a suspect in Gabby's murder, was a person of interest. He disappeared in September just days before Gabby's remains were found.

His remains were found a month later in a Florida nature reserve, however, his cause of death hasn't been determined.

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