Bride slams cousin in heated text messages for not being a bridesmaid

‘You’re too FAT to be a bridesmaid anyway’: Bridezilla attacks her cousin who she ‘barely talks to’ for refusing to step in as a back-up bridesmaid just TWO WEEKS before the wedding

  • A cousin shared a conversation she had with a bride in her family online
  • The bride asked the cousin, whom she is not close with, to step in as a bridesmaid for her wedding after someone else bailed
  • But the cousin refused because being in the wedding made her ‘uncomfortable’
  • This sparked angry and furious messages from the bride, and she ended up calling her cousin a ‘b***h’ and fatty for not agreeing 
  • Commenters online were astonished by the behavior from the bride and commended the cousin on refusing to join the wedding party  

A bride viciously attacked her cousin through text messages after the woman refused to be her bridesmaid just two weeks before the wedding. 

The conversation was shared on Reddit by the cousin, pervertw3asel, who wanted people online to see her experience after she turned down a bride for being her bridesmaid. 

‘I barely speak to my cousin. Like maybe once annually during holidays? Or when she wants something,’ the woman captioned the post before sharing the text messages between herself and the bride

Drama: The bride asked the cousin, whom she is not close with, to step in as a bridesmaid for her wedding after someone else bailed, but the cousin refused (stock photo)

Recently, the bride messaged her cousin last minute to ask for a favor ahead of her wedding day. 

‘Hey, sorry it’s last minute but as you know my wedding is on the 20th of this month, [redacted] backed out think you can fill in?’ The bride asked of her cousin. 

But the cousin was unwilling to take on the responsibility last minute. 

She wrote: ‘As tempting as that sound, I think it’s best for me to sit this one out! I hope things work out for you though, I hope you have a great wedding.’   

The bride refused to take the no response to her last-minute plea for her cousin to join the wedding party, and she decided instead to keep pushing the issue. 

‘If it’s about money, [redacted] said she would sell you the dress cheap,’ the bride wrote. ‘You might have to alter it once you get it, but you’d be doing me a huge favor. So would you like to?’ 

The cousin, again, attempted to politely turn down the bride about standing up for her on her wedding day and stated the offer made her ‘uncomfortable’, which is when the conversation took a rude turn.  

‘You’re the only one who can fit her dress,’ the bride wrote. ‘Everyone else is either too small or too short. I desperately need you to step up here.’

Mentioning the size of her cousin made the conversation more insulting for the woman, who couldn’t figure out if she should be ‘offended’ by being told the choice was based on her figure. 

But the bride refused to apologize for her insulting behavior, and she instead decided to continue attacking her cousin in hopes it would convince the woman to join the wedding party. 

‘Wow, this is my wedding day,’ the bride wrote. ‘I can’t believe you’re making this about you. I could care less if you’re offended or not. You’re being so selfish and self centered.’ 

The conversation continued with the cousin asking the bride to ‘find another person in our family you’re closer with than me. Bottom line is I’m not doing it.’ 

But, again, the bride refused to take no for an answer and thought a direct approach of asking for money for the bridesmaid dress would work in convincing her cousin. 

‘I’m not going to argue with this,’ she wrote. ‘Etransfer the money to me, I’ll pick up the dress.’  

Her text message was met with no response, so the bride sent a follow-up text. 

She wrote: ‘You’re being a real b***h about this. If you don’t do this then I don’t want you at my wedding period.’ 

The bride then proceeded to call the woman ‘too fat’ for the wedding party and that she ‘wasted time’ asking the cousin to be in the event. 

Despite all the hurtful words, the cousin stayed on the high road and informed the bride she would not be attending the wedding but still hoped the event was ‘great’ for her. 

Commenters online appeared shocked by the messages the cousin received from the bride. 

‘I love it when s***ty family acts like you should do something for them because you’re family,’ one commenter wrote. Other people suggested the woman go and protest the wedding or reveal the text messages to other family members. 

But it appears the cousin wants to continue to take the high road, for the most part, when it comes to handling the bride ahead of her wedding day.  

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