Couple’s pregnancy joy caught on camera after 5 years of negative tests

Hannah and Adam have longed to be parents for more than five years.

The couple, from Maidstone in Kent, first began trying for a baby in 2014.

But like millions of other couples, things did not go to plan.

Five, heartbreaking years of negative pregnancy tests followed.

Each month Hannah, who works in child care, would film her reaction to taking the test.

Devastation, disappointment and bleak acceptance etched her features as month after month she would hope her and Adam's dream to become parents would finally come true.

The 26-year-old said: "Two years after we started trying to fall pregnant it still wasn't happening.

"We went for tests but everything came back normal. We were told everything was perfect, so why weren't we falling pregnant?"

But Hannah and Adam were determined to keep trying for their own little family.

Heartbreakingly, Hannah admits each month she was almost certain the pregnancy test would come back negative but that she had to do one to keep her from obsessing about the result.

And for Adam he did all he could to support his partner as they tried for their much longed for family.

He said: "It was heartbreaking to see her go through the emotion and also to pick her up when it wasn't positive."

Devastatingly, the couple had a false positive test only for their hopes to be dashed when they weren't actually pregnant.

Finally, in December last year Hannah and Adam went to see a fertility specialist in their home town of Maidstone.

More heartbreak was to follow when tests came back showing Hannah's level of a particular hormone were too low and they weren't eligible for IVF .

To pay for IVF privately would cost £8,500.

Hannah said: "That's for just one chance, which only has a 40 percent chance of working and only an 18 percent chance of working the first time."

Then, something amazing happened – their NHS consultant agreed to test Hannah's hormone levels for a second time.

The result was what they had been waiting for and the couple could have NHS funded IVF – they were over the moon.

Hannah and Adam started their IVF with the Care Fertility Clinic in Tunbridge Wells in May and, determined to raise awareness about fertility issues, continued to film their journey.

In it together, Adam made sure he was the one to give Hannah all of her injections.

The 27-year-old said: "From a male point of view you feel hopeless.

"It's the woman going through everything and there was a lot riding on Hannah's body."

Hannah added: "Although it was difficult we looked at it and thought 'we are finally doing something'."

After the treatment ended, Hannah and Adam faced an agonising two week wait to find out if it had worked.

And even though everything had gone smoothly, the couple tried to prepare themselves for another negative pregnancy test.

Hannah said: "I've known people go through five rounds of IVF and I just kept thinking 'it can't be this easy for us'."

Then came the day of the test.

Like every other, Hannah and Adam got ready to film their reaction as they desperately hoped the test would show a positive result.

Hannah said: "I turned it round and saw the two lines but it didn't register straight away – I was finally pregnant."

The couple say they know they have a long way to go before they hold their much wanted baby in their arms for the first time.

But they couldn't resist buying him or her their first adorable baby grow – covered in the words 'the little embryo that could'.

Hannah and Adam don't want their struggle to be in vain and are determined to use their experiences to get people talking about fertility issues.

Sharing the emotional video of their long journey to pregnancy on Facebook , Hannah and Adam hoped to include the friends and family who had provided them with such invaluable support.

But their heartwrenching journey has now been viewed more than 500,00 times, shared thousands of times with thousands more people sharing their own stories and spreading support for those still struggling.

One in eight couples will have problems with conceiving and the couple want to do all they can to help people realise they are not alone.

Hannah said: "I know this has been written about us, myself and Adam (which is incredibly surreal and crazy to even think about) but it's about so much more than that. It's about all of us.

"All of us who long so badly for that child that never comes and battle infertility on a daily basis.

"We live it, we breathe it, we dream about it. We feel so lucky that, for us, it has worked but we know it's not the case for so many out there but you have to keep on fighting.

"Being a parent is about fighting for your kids, no matter what – our kids may not be here yet, but we are all already parents.

"We are fighting for them already and we can't give up.

"One way or another, whether it be through fertility treatments, surrogacy or even adoption, it WILL happen.

"We are warriors, and we stand together. Never feel ashamed of your journey.

"Embrace it and become stronger for it. Start conversations and help raise awareness so that no one has to feel alone anymore. Take control; break the silence."

Adam and Hannah's bundle of joy is due at the beginning of February.

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