Dad banned from every Heron Foods store in the UK says ‘I’ve not done a thing’

A dad from Hull has been banned from every Heron Foods store in the UK, despite his claims he has done nothing wrong.

Mike Burnham, 37, said he relies on the frozen food store in Hedon, Humberside, to feed his five-year-old daughter and four-year old twins, Hull Live reported .

He was shocked to receive a letter "out of the blue" banning him and his partner Samantha Johnson from not only his nearest Heron Food store – but every other branch nationwide.

He was also threatened with being reported to police for trespassing if he ever enters their premises again.

Mike will now have to travel to Hull city centre to buy frozen food at a great inconvenience.

The letter informs Mr Burnham action is being taken following a "recent incident of theft/assault/verbal abuse/harassment".

But the letter does not detail what is alleged to have happened, nor does it specify a date for the alleged offence.

The dad-of-three from Preston, near Hull, said he is furious and claims he has never "harassed" anyone.

He said: "I've not done a thing and this letter is discrediting me. I haven't harassed anybody, I don't know why they've sent me this letter. I don't understand why I've received the ban.

"I go at least once a week. I've got three kids that love the food. It's the only place around here you can get freezer stuff.

"If I can't go there I have to go to Hull to get it, I've got a motorbike but as you can imagine, it's hard do a shop on one of them, and will cost £10 in fuel each way before I've even bought any food.

In the letter, the Heron Foods management team informs the couple there is CCTV in all stores and warns them they will be reported to the  police  if they step foot inside any store nationwide.

Mr Burnham said it's "laughable" his partner Samantha, 36, was accused of any wrongdoing because she never leaves the house.

He said: "She doesn't even go in there because she doesn't leave the house. It's very rare I can get her out the house. She’s gutted about it, never steps foot in there anyway."

However, Mr Burnham said the police matter has nothing to do with him and even less so because he does not live with this family member.

The family member has also received the same letter from Heron Foods and it is addressed to them and their "family and friends".

Mr Burnham said: "That (the alleged incident which cannot be reported for legal reasons) happens, then all of a sudden we are all banned. Whatever else is going on is nothing to do with me.

"I know about what has happened but I've not got involved, I've not done a thing about it. To ban us for something that is nothing to do with us is totally unfair."

A spokesperson for Heron Foods told the Mirror: "We have no further comments. This is currently under police investigation."

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