Did Kate Middleton and Prince William's Relationship Almost Fail From the Start?

There has always been this fascination with the royal family. The public just can’t seem to get enough. When a new biography is released, royal followers search through it, looking for never-before-told details.

Over the past several months, rumors have surrounded Kate Middleton and Prince William. The tabloids seem to think that their marriage is on the rocks and that William is repeating the sins of his father.

Now details are being released in two new books that may shed light on the couples earlier days and provide insight to their relationship today. According to these new claims, William and Kate’s relationship almost failed many, many years ago.

How did Prince William and Kate Middleton meet?

William and his future wife met while they were both attending the University of St. Andrews. In a sit-down interview after the couple announced their engagement, the future King of England revealed that the two were friends for about a year before they started dating. The couple shared a flat with friends before they started dating and continued to do so after they started dating.

The couple shared that these friends were initially surprised when they heard that William and Kate were dating, but quickly warmed to the idea. William joked that during those first couple of years, he tried to impress his new girlfriend by cooking fancy, elaborate meals. He concedes that he failed on more than one occasion and Kate had to come in and save the day.

Why did Prince William and Kate Middleton break up before they got married?

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William and Kate famously broke up in 2007. While some would like to believe that there was scandal or pressure from family members that caused the breakup, that simply wasn’t the case. During the same interview, William revealed that the couple needed time to find themselves.

Though Kate wasn’t thrilled about the breakup at the time, she reflects now that it was a good thing for her as a person. The time apart allowed Kate to get to know herself and become more of an individual before she stepped into William’s busy and demanding world.

After the couple got back together they admit that they took things pretty slow. They talked a lot about marriage but wanted to make sure they were in the right spot. The couple revealed that they had discussed the prospect for quite a while before William finally popped the question.

How did Prince William and Kate Middleton’s relationship almost fail before it really got started?

As people scrutinize William and Kate’s marriage and the rumor that William is having an affair, new details are emerging about the couple’s relationship before they tied the knot. A new biography is alleging that things were not as fairytale perfect as they seemed.

Last November, The Duchess of Cambridge: How Kate Middleton Became A Future Queen provided details about what supposedly happened during the couple’s 2007. According to the author, William felt “claustrophobic” in his relationship with Kate. During the breakup, William went on holiday with a group of friends and was surrounded by women on a trip to Greece. Meanwhile, Kate was with her parents and was reportedly “miserable.”

This year, in the biography William and Catherine, author Andrew Morton seems to imply that maybe things were actually quite the opposite of what the previous book alleged. Morton claims that William made Kate feel like she was being treated like a servant.

The book went on to include input from friends of the couple. One person said that William could be quite “flip and curt” while another added that sometimes William would act like Kate wasn’t there at that bothered the future duchess.  

William and Kate may have had a rocky start, but it seems that they took the steps to make sure they started their marriage on solid ground. William said that the two started with a solid friendship before being in a relationship, which he feels gives the couple a “massive advantage.” After their breakup, the couple was able to gain a new perspective and truly know themselves which helped them create a healthy relationship.

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