Forget succulents: indoor trees are the hot new plant trend

A tree grows in a walk-up in Brooklyn.

Lockdown brought on a wave of nostalgic video gaming, the sourdough-starter craze and now, ambitious indoor landscaping. With New Yorkers still stuck at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, longtime plant parents and new collectors alike are testing the limits of their green thumbs. They’re passing up simple, low-maintenance succulents for space-stealing trees and exotic shrubs in an effort to beautify their apartments and invite more nature into the urban jungle.

“As soon as people were locked in their homes, they realized how miserable their apartments were, so they decided to flush it with plants,” Amelia Fieldhouse, a sales rep at Greenery Unlimited in Greenpoint, told The Post.

The 30-year-old Bushwick resident said sales at work “shot up” once the pandemic hit, and she understands the impulse. She keeps about 120 plants in her own apartment, including a 5 1/2-foot fiddle-leaf fig tree that’s as tall as she is.


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