Forlorn dogs are shown EXACTLY who's boss by feisty felines

Talk about playing ruff! Forlorn dogs are shown EXACTLY who’s boss as they’re ousted from their beds, jumped on and even strangled by feisty felines

  • Feisty felines are seen dominating hopeless pooches in these photographs 
  • Taken from across the world, the snaps were shared and collated by Bored Panda
  • Include brazen cats ousting dogs from their beds and even strangling them

Cats have long been thought of as the natural enemy of dogs – and its of no surprise when looking at these amusing snaps.

Feisty felines are seen dominating hopeless pooches in these photographs, collated by Bored Panda from around the world.

From ousting them from their beds to jumping on and even strangling them, these cats illustrate exactly who’s the top dog in their homes. 

And while most the felines are smaller than the dogs they share their houses with, they are by no means less mighty.

Help me! This old dog can’t cope when surrounded by four little kittens, who appear to be closing in on him, and leaps on a chair for safety

It’s not fair! This dog appears to cry at their owner after discovering that the brazen family feline has taken over their bed

That looks ruff! This feline appeared to take the play fighting too far and quickly ended up strangling the pooch

Going in for the kill! This daring cat is seen flying through the air, with her claws out, while trying to attack the nearby dog

This attention-seeking cat is most likely feeling ignored by the grumpy dog and so starts messing with their face to get a reaction

Boo! Despite the dog in this photograph being much bigger than the cat, the daring feline still tries to scare the pet

With sadness in his eyes, this dog knows his bed has been taken for the night and that he won’t be getting it back anytime soon

It’s mine! A dog patiently waits for its toy back after a naughty cat decided to steal it and keep it instead in this humorous snap

You shall not pass! This feline refuses to budge for the adorable pooch waiting to run down the stairs in this amusing photograph

You’re out! This cat means business and clearly refuses to have the dog enter her home, with the feline guarding the door against him

Feeling comfy? This feisty feline has no problem settling down wherever she prefers – even on a sleeping dog’s furry head

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