Furious Twitter debate starts over how much meat people eat off chicken wings

Twitter debates have been known to spark fury over the years and a controversial question is a great way to get people riled up.

That’s what happened this week when a poster asked a simple question about chicken wings.

You’d think food would unite us all, but unfortunately it seems that food-based debates cause absolute mayhem on social media.

One commenter was even told they “deserve to spend the rest of their miserable life behind bars” due to their chicken wing preferences.

Twitter user @ImpHolla posted a snap to the app showing five chicken wings each of which has been eaten to a different degree.

Chicken wing number one has just one big bite taken out of the meatiest section, while chicken wing two has several bites removed, but a lot of crispy bits left on the bone.

This moves down to wing four which has barely a scrap of skin remaining and wing five which has been thoroughly cleaned.

The poster simply said: “I’m a three and a half”.

Unfortunately, chicken lovers came out in force and a raging argument began in the comments of the post which was liked a whopping 12.9k times.

And, 3.2k people decided to throw their ring into the game.

One opinionated person wrote: "Who ever 1-3 is, y'all some serial killers and deserve to spend the rest of yah miserable life behind bars for the disrespect."

"If I fry you chicken you better be a 4 or 5 or you can get the hell outta my house,” added another.

While a third noted: "Me is 5.5 coz I'm chomping that top and bottom parts and sucking all the bone marrow."

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And another commented: "I have a chicken wing tattooed [sic] on me.

“I’ll go to jail if you're eating with me and ain't at least at a 4."

A jokester even wrote their own explanation for each number on the chicken scale, reports Ladbible.

They said: "5: respect 4: minimum requirement 3: is a waste 2: the wing fryer gets a free slap 1: lifetime ban from the establishment seriously don't come back."

However, some disagreed with this statement.

One commenter added: "All the 5s need to chill, what do you lick your plates clean too? have some decency. 4s get the job done while still retaining some self-respect."

What about you – where do you fall on the chicken wing scale? Tell us in the comments…

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