Heart-warming moment step-dad 'officially' adopts his son

Touching moment boy, 18, surprises his stepfather who has raised him since he was four with a ceremony to ‘become his son’ after discovering he was too old to be legally adopted

  • Gavin McGeachie, 18, from Irivine, North Ayrshire set surprise for step-dad  
  • Gutted to find step-dad Chris couldn’t officially adopt him because was too old 
  • So he threw a surprise humanist adoption ceremony for Chris’ 43th birthday 

This is the emotional moment a stepfather broke down in tears as his stepson surprised him with adoption an ‘adoption ceremony’.  

Gavin McGeachie, 18, from Irvine, North Ayrshire, wanted to surprise his ‘chosen father’ Chris with adoption papers for his 43rd birthday.

But Gavin was gutted after discovering Chris couldn’t legally adopt him because he was over 18.

Determined to still make the gesture, Gavin and his mum Lyndsey, 40, organised a surprise for Chris’ birthday, pretending to whisk him off for a posh meal.

But rather than taking him to dinner, they set up a humanist adoption ceremony to cement the bond between the men, who have been close since Gavin was four. 

Gavin McGeachie, 18, from Irvine, North Ayrshire, set up an adoption ceremony for his step-father Chris, left, on his 43th birthday. Chris actually cannot legally adopt Gavin because he is too old, but the ste-son wanted to make their bond official anyways  

Pictured: Gavin, right, with his mother Lyndsey, left, his step-father Chris and his three sisters Scarlett, Aurora and Isla

Emotional footage of the pair, which has gone viral on TikTok, shows a confused Chris overcome with emotion when the penny drops.

The pair made vows to bond themselves as dad and son to each other forever and there was the symbolic handfasting.

Furniture upcycler Lyndsey said: ‘Watching the ceremony, it melted my heart.

‘One thing I always hoped for when I was a single mum was that I would meet someone who would take Gavin on as their own – and that’s exactly happened 

Gavin and Chris have been close since Gavin was four, pictured. The teen wanted to acknowledge the place his step-father had in his life 

The two men, right, shared an emotional embrace during Chris’ 43rd birthday party, with officiant John, right, performing an official adoption ceremony for them 

Lyndsey, mum to twins and another daughter, all eight, added: ‘I kept finding myself slipping up and almost giving the surprise away while we were planning it.’

‘Chris and Gavin have a good relationship which has only grown stronger over the years, and in the future they will cherish this memory. 

‘Since sharing the video it has become clear that there are lots of adults who are in the same position as Gavin, but this could be the beginning of a new type of ceremony.

‘It is one where children can honour and acknowledge the parents who stepped up and raised them as their own.’

Officiant John, left, made a speech during the ceremony where Gavin and Chris vowed to bond themselves as dad and son to each other forever and there was the symbolic handfasting

An emotional Gavin hugged his mother, furniture upcycler Lyndsey, during the special day, pictured

Gavin is extremely close with Chris and the pair even go for concert and enjoy drinks together since Gavin has turned 18, pictured 

Pictured: Chris taking Gavin on a bike ride when he was younger. The pair have always shared a close bond

With his mum’s help, they contacted celebrant John Scott, who conducted their wedding years earlier.

They convinced Chris to meet them at a local restaurant for a dinner – and he was shocked to arrive and see their whole family waiting there.

Chris had no idea why until John launched into a speech.

Lyndsey said Gavin has ‘never looked at Chris as anything other than his dad’ and they have never used the term ‘step-dad’ in their home.

Gavin wanted to surprise Chris with adoption papers on his 43rd birthday but quickly realised the law in Scotland limits adoption age to under 18.

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