Hi, Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend Is Here

What’s happening: It’s a hectic weekend! Venus squares off with Pluto on Friday, bringing major shifts and changes to your love life. Things stabilize on Saturday, when Venus enters sensual Taurus, one of its favorite signs! Fiery Mars and Jupiter hook up on Sunday, skyrocketing your sex drive, and right after that, the Moon enters chatty Gemini. Finally, on Wednesday, the vibe cools off as the Moon enters calm Cancer.

What that means for you:


You’re feeling amazing chemistry with someone, and the rush makes you want to DTR as soon as you can. Don’t! Take it slow! There’s noooo need to slap a label on it quite yet. Life in the bedroom is absolutely on fire, so whether you’re with a fling, a FWB, or the LOYL, you’re having some kick-ass sex right now.


You don’t have to worry about your ex bugging you for much longer! Venus has been hiding in Aries, bringing ex flames back around, but once the planet of love enters your sign on Saturday, you’re finding tons of opportunities to find new love! If you’re single and ready to mingle, the best day to hit up your crush and shoot your shot is on Wednesday, when the Moon enters Cancer.


Be careful who you open up to, bb. Whether it’s with a hookup, a first date, or even your ex, there’s some shadiness coming from them—they do not have your best intentions at heart. And they’re definitely not interested in romance or making any sort of deep connection, no matter what they say. If you’re already boo’d up, you don’t have much to worry about, but if you’re single, this week it’d be best to just focus on yourself.


There’s a lot of pressure being placed on your relationship this weekend, Cancer. Feelings of resentment or jealousy and/or secrets that you’ve been keeping are coming to light. If you can’t stay level-headed and address these problems nicely, this could end with a big breakup. Here’s the good news—if you need a rebound date (or if you’re single and just looking for fun), Venus in Taurus is one of the best transits for you!


Your love life is speeding up! Starting this week, Venus is helping you upgrade your relationship status. Don’t DTR yet—it’s still Mercury Retrograde until next Friday, after all—but trust that the connection that you’re feeling is real. If you’re super single, the Gemini Moon starting Monday is a great transit for swiping through the dating apps and finding someone new.


Play! Fool around! Get a little ~kinky~! This is a stellar weekend for turning your love life into an adventure, Virgo. The more variety you add, the spicier things will be between you and your boo! It’s also a good week for hooking up. Don’t take anything too seriously—this week, you’re just meant to have fun!


Superficiality means nothing to you right now—you’re looking for something real. If you’ve been entertaining a few different boos or fooling around with a handful of paramours, you’re about to lose interest real fast—that is, if they don’t lose interest first. Take your love life more seriously, Libra. You can settle down and commit to someone truly special right now, and you can begin a truly intimate relationship.


Taurus season was cuffing season for your sign, but that’s long gone. If you’re still single, though, Venus entering Taurus on Saturday is basically a cuffing season round two. You’re more attracted to others right now, while also coming off as more attractive to them, which is a real recipe for success in your love life. You just have to be willing to make the first move.


Just because someone is fun to be with doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good for you, ya feel me? You and your boo have different ideas about your relationship, or your relationship goals, and it’s becoming very apparent this weekend. You’re asking a lot of questions. Do you really care about me? Do you really want to take this all the way? Or am I just someone that you hang out with to kill time? You might not get the answers you’re hoping for, bb.


If you feel like your love life is stuck in a rut, that’s because, well, it is. You’re getting a little too comfortable, and this weekend you’re realizing that you need to spice things up a little! Buy some lingerie, pick up some toys, do anything to add a little variety to your love life, and you’ll have a blast! PS: Wednesday’s great for a romantic date night, or a blazing hot hookup!


Let it goooo, Aquarius! That ex that’s been bugging you, or that old relationship you’ve been pining over—you gotta get over it. You might feel tempted to reach out, but that’s not the best idea. You need to get ready to move forward with your love life, find new love connections, and learn to spend time (in and out of bed) with people that are better for you.


Looking for love? You’re in luck! Venus is activating your chart’s zone of communication this week, which means that there are tons of potential paramours coming your way. Put yourself out there! That could mean just dusting off your dating apps and swiping through them, or you might even feel bold enough to approach that hottie at the bar and ask them out. Cast a wide net, Pisces!

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