How Long Can Samantha Markle Keep Herself in the Spotlight?

Samantha Markle, the older half-sister of Meghan Markle, has been going out of her way to create as much drama as possible for her younger sibling ever since her engagement to Prince Harry was announced.

The two have been estranged for quite a few years, and Samantha has been doing everything that she possibly can to keep herself in the news media, even if it is at the expense of Meghan and Harry.

After months of posting to social media, calling Meghan rude nicknames, and giving interviews to anyone who is willing to listen, Samantha is seemingly taking a different approach. This time, she is urging Meghan to make amends with her family members so they can get to know Baby Archie.

Meghan hasn’t given any indication that she plans on responding to her sister, and many people are wondering if this is yet another ploy for attention. So, just how long can Samantha Markle keep herself in the spotlight?

When did the Markle family drama start?

When we found out the wonderful news that Meghan had accepted a marriage proposal from Harry, we also began hearing less than positive things from her sister, Samantha. She began bashing Meghan on social media, calling her unflattering and insulting nicknames, and even saying that she would blame the duchess if their father were to pass away. Samantha even tried to visit her sister at Kensington Palace, although security would not allow her access.

Does Meghan Markle still have family drama?

Samantha was hoping for an invite to the royal wedding and did not hide her disappointment when she did not receive one. However, this gave her even more ammunition to stay in the spotlight and speaking to the media. Samantha continued to give interviews whenever the opportunity arose and made sure to keep up with the hurtful social media posts. 

Have things changed with Baby Archie’s arrival?

Within a few months of the wedding, it was announced that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were expecting their first child. Samantha seemed to embrace the opportunity to create even more drama, this time expressing her beliefs that the Markle family should be included in the baby’s life. Fans, as well as the news media, speculated as to whether Samantha would travel to England upon the birth of the baby. Ultimately, she did not, although she certainly did not keep quiet when Archie Harrison finally arrived.

Samantha Markle continues to encourage Meghan Markle to talk to her family

Ever since Baby Archie arrived, Samantha has managed to keep herself in the media spotlight. She continues to talk to the media on a regular basis, stating that she still has love for her younger sister and that she still considers her to be family. Samantha is making an effort to reach out to her sister, and encourage her to introduce the new royal baby to their father, Thomas Markle. As usual, neither Meghan nor Harry have made any public comments regarding the issue, leaving many fans to assume that she has no intention of reconciling with her estranged family members.

Just how long can Samantha Markle keep herself in the spotlight?

It is difficult to say just how long she can keep people interested. Samantha seems to be an expert at causing drama, and as long as she makes an effort, it seems that she should get the attention that she is after. It remains to be seen as to exactly what Samantha will do next, but chances are, she has a few things up her sleeve in order to keep the spotlight shining directly on her.

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