IKEA is hiring a Chief Play Officer and it could be a dream job

IKEA is hiring a Chief Play Officer – and it could be the perfect job for a youngster in your life.

Posting the job description on LinkedIn today, the Swedish retailer says the role is strictly open to children aged 4-12 only. No adults allowed.

Whilst the position sounds like a dream come true, it’s not all fun and games – the successful kid will actually have some responsibility.

For one whole year, the new Chief Play Officer will be in charge of testing new toys before they launch in IKEA stores.

The role is part of IKEA’s mission to encourage play in the home. Recent research revealed that children are spending an average of 254 hours less playing each year than their parents did at the same age.

Despite most parents (70%) agreeing that play is very important to their kids’ development, unfortunately the pressures of daily life seem to be getting in the way, with 86% wishing that they had more time to spend playing with their children.

And, of course, Covid has had a negative impact too. Almost three fifths (59%) of kids are playing less now than they did before the pandemic. Almost three quarters (74%) of parents say they’ve noticed a change in their child’s mood, with 28% saying they seem less playful.

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