Im a Playboy star so people put me in a box – but Im smarter than they think

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    A Playboy model who sets hearts racing with provocative photos says people are “shocked” when they get to know her properly.

    Mayra Dias Gomes is often “placed in a box” by strangers who underestimate her intelligence.

    She loves flaunting her sexuality online but underneath the surface she has excelled in various fields.

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    The tattooed blonde moved to Hollywood from Brazil aged 21 and is the author of four books.

    She has also been a journalist for publications like Rolling Stone and Glamour and she is now a backstage host with the National Wrestling Alliance.

    The pro wrestler, whose stage name is May Valentine, also featured on the cover of Playboy this month.

    And speaking exclusively with us, she said: “The more people know me, the more shocked they seem to get because as soon as they have me placed in a box, they find out a whole other aspect of my personality and my different careers.

    “I may promote my sexuality but I’m also a journalist and an author. I don’t like to restrict myself or place myself in a box.

    “I love having different experiences. Life is too short and I want all of my dreams to come true.”

    And this month she did just that by posing for the cover of Playboy.

    Beaming with pride, she told us: “What can I say, it is one of my wildest dreams coming true.

    “It is one of the most iconic brands in the world and I’m so happy to be able to proudly represent it.

    “I’ve always admired the iconic women who have graced Playboy covers and it is a dream come true to be part of that group.

    “It’s definitely surreal but I seem to have been able to manifest a lot of crazy, wild dreams throughout my life so I cannot wait for what’s next.”

    As well as wrestling and writing, Mayra also makes money selling exclusive images on OnlyFans.

    It has been financially “very successful” so far and although she said the platform is still stigmatised she is comfortable with the association.

    “I have always enjoyed expressing my sexuality through photos,” she said. “Ever since I published my first novel in Brazil, which was a sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll memoir, I’ve used provocative photos as a way of expressing myself and promoting my work.

    “I am comfortable with my sexuality and I’m firm about what my boundaries are.”

    She added: “I have always stood behind anything I do and OnlyFans is not an exception. I’m very lucky my boss is an open minded rockstar who supports me in any decision and doesn’t punish me for taking control of promoting my own sexuality.”


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