Incredible 999 call captures moment mum gives birth in roadworks on busy M5

A 999 emergency call has revealed the incredible moment a baby was delivered in a car on the busy M5.

Dad-to-be Joshua Mogg, 29, had to make the phone call when he and his partner Jayne Rowland, 36, were on their way to a hospital in Taunton for an induced labour.

During the course of a two-minute call, baby Harry was born in the front passenger seat just 30 minutes after they left home.

Panicking Joshua can be heard at the beginning of the voice clip as he said: "I think she's almost about to pop..I'm in the roadworks at 50 miles an hour."

Call handler Jonathan Leaton then directs them to pull over at a safe spot and gives them instructions on how to safely deliver the baby.

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Jonathan said: "Just assume the most comfortable position and take deep breaths between each contraction.

"You can listen carefully and do exactly what I say. You need to be on your back, as flat as you can."

Moments later, the baby was born and the couple can be heard saying 'hello' to little Harry.

An ambulance arrived within five minutes and sent the family to nearby hospital.

Operations Officer Dan Wilsher, who was at the scene to assist, said: "It was a rather unusual incident to attend.

"When I approached the passenger door, I saw a tiny little face wrapped in blankets looking back at me."

The baby boy weighed 7lb 8oza at birth and the place of birth on his certificate is recorded as M5.

New mother Jayne was surprised how quick the labour could be.

She said: "I'd had discomfort for around three weeks, and didn't feel anything different when I woke up that day.

"Everything seemed to happen very quickly. The call handler talked it through with us, and then the paramedics and police arrived."

Looking back when it happened in last November, Jayne realised they were in a pretty dangerous situations where there was 'nowhere safe to stop in the roadworks'.

But she thanked a lorry driver for shielding them from the traffic by stopping and putting the hazard warning lights on.

Yesterday, the couple, baby Harry and his eight-year-old brother Benjamin, visited Taunton Ambulance NHS Station to thank the workers for their help.

Call handler Jonathan praised the couple for 'doing incredibly throughout the call'.

"They remained calm and followed every instruction which ensured the best possible outcome," he added.

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