Influencer almost quit Instagram as trolls told her to kill herself

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Body positive influencer Karina Irby has revealed that she felt like quitting Instagram because of the barrage of hate she receives from trolls.

The Australian model and swimwear brand owner boasts 1.2 million followers on the social media site.

She often posts uplifting content, flaunting her curves and cellulite.

But in her most recent post, Karina has revealed that she has been victim to cruel comments from trolls.

She has even been told to “kill herself” by one vile troll.

And with the hate getting too much, Karina felt like there was no “point” posting to Instagram anymore.

So in response to the trolls, Karina posted a series of cruel comments to “name and shame” users who have attacked her online.

In the post, Karina can be seen posing on the beach in a blue patterned bikini.

The bottoms have been hiked up to her curvy hips, exposing her peachy bum.

Around the cheeky snap, Karina has attached the nasty messages.

Karina captioned the post: “NAME AND SHAME.

“My life on the internet…

“Sometimes you just need a little breather.”

She admitted: “I haven’t posted in 5 days because sometimes I feel like… What’s the point?”

“People tell me to kill myself. Call me names.

“Discourage my work. Call out my skin conditions.”

The Australian beauty continued: “I LOVE social media, and I LOVE putting myself out there to help others feel less alone, make someone smile and distract people from their busy lives.

“But I don’t love how people can treat one another on here. Hiding behind their screens.

“What gross and disgusting behaviour.

“People literally end their lives over comments like this.”

She urged her followers: “We all need to #BEBETTER. Better at not listening.

“And better to never speaking to others like this.”

Shocked at the extent of the hate Karina receives, many people fled to the comments to provide the influencer with some support.

One person commented: “We love you! Never stop.”

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Another user added: “I cannot believe the audacity some people have to even comment this horrible stuff! There is no way a woman's body should look, everyone is so different.

“I think this photo is stunning.”

Whilst a third user expressed: “I’m so sorry this is normalised on social media but you deal with it like a champ.”

Someone else noted: “I can’t believe people would type those things out onto their phones and send them out in the world. How heinous.”

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