Jennifer Garner Made Hollywood's Favorite Face Mask Sell Out, and Now It's Finally Back in Stock

Evolvetogether is the go-to face mask choice for the elite. Everyone in Hollywood is always spotted wearing one, and whenever there is a new release, like the popular KN95, they have the masks before anyone else. Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted in one, the masks sold out, and over 750,000 people signed up to buy one immediately after. Jennifer Garner is a fan of the disposable surgical masks in the newer color options that are ideal for fall. Angelina Jolie normally opts for a mask that matches her gown because her brand is strong. 

That being said, at any given time, you're likely to find the type of Evolvetogether in the color you want to be sold out. It's essentially just what happens when all of Hollywood decides to get behind an item that can cost as little as just $1.20, aka seven everyday face masks for under $9.

Shop now: $9;

After accumulating waitlists of up to 250,000 for specific colors — the most popular are navy and black — Evolvetogether just dropped a major restock today. Last time around, over 40,000 packs sold in 48 hours, so a sell out isn't just a possibility. It's bound to happen. Thankfully, there's still time to shop for the face mask of your choice right now. And although we don't have to remind you, the colder season is upon us, which means masking up is more imperative than ever. 

If you don't already own an Evolvetogether mask, which is entirely possible given, well, the aforementioned sell-outs, here's what you need to know. They're not just popular because of the star-powered fan base, but because they look good. The masks are sleek, not bulky, and flatter any and every face shape.

They also feature a small design detail: a city, ranging from Santorini to Tokyo, written in a stylish font with coordinates. Back when traveling was out of the question, the subtle detail reminded people of an escape. And now you can actually get on an airplane with an Evolvetogether mask of the city you're going to, which feels like a full circle moment thinking about how far we've come. 

Most importantly, they get the job done, and the switch to surgical and KN95 masks only is highly recommended by every scientist in the know. Plus, this is a fool-proof way to twin with Jennifer Garner while she's on an errand run, or Angelina Jolie on the red carpet. Everybody wins.

Shop the most beloved face mask in Hollywood, below. 

Evolvetogether Santorini Pack of 5 KN95 Navy Face Masks 

Shop now: $15;

Evolvetogether Rio de Janeiro Pack of 5 KN95 Face Masks

Shop now: $15; 

Evolvetogether Milan Pack of 7 Face Masks 

Shop now: $9;

Evolvetogether Alberta Pack of 30 Burgundy Face Masks

Shop now: $36;

Evolvetogether Tokyo Pack of 7 Gray Face Masks

Shop now: $9;

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