Jonas Brothers: Purity ring questions were ‘incredibly annoying’

The Jonas Brothers are more than happy to leave their purity rings in the past.

In the cover story for a special men’s digital issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Kevin, 31, Joe, 29, and Nick, 26, were asked about those famous pieces of jewelry, and whether it was awkward answering questions about their vows of abstinence at the time.

“The very simple answer is that it was incredibly annoying,” Nick replied. “And then it became a defining factor of who we were as a band, which was disappointing. I was just trying to navigate love, and romance, and what sex even meant to me, at a sensitive age.”

Added the singer, “The question should have been: Is it appropriate for people to talk about a 16-year-old’s sex life? It’s absolutely not — and it wouldn’t necessarily fly today.”

“It definitely wouldn’t,” Joe chimed in.

Nick continued, “Once I got older, and I experienced love, and had sex, and defined my view of the world, and what faith and religion actually meant to me, I accepted that [the rings] were probably a fascinating story to people. In the same way, the ‘South Park’ episode [which ridiculed the rings] is incredibly entertaining. I accept that it made some people curious and laugh. It doesn’t define us now. That’s what matters.”

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