London has the happiest couples in the UK – and we can't believe it either

With Valentine’s Day fast-approaching, love is definitely in the air.

But it seems couples in some cities are happier than others.

New research from Getir analysed the average monthly search volumes for ‘how to break up with someone’ across 15 major UK cities to find which regions are searching the most for help to get out of their relationships.

And it seems the happiest couples in the UK can be found in London, Birmingham and Leeds.

Rather surprisingly – considering how expensive dating and living is in the capital – London ranked as the top city. Despite a massive population of nearly nine million, an average of only 57 people were searching for ‘how to break up with someone’ per 100,000 people.

Couples in Birmingham are also pretty content – with just 149 people per 100,000 searching for breakup advice each month, followed by Leeds in third place.

However, it’s bad news for couples in Nottingham – as searches for the breakup term are nearly five times higher per 100,000 of its population.

According to the data, there are more unhappy couples in Bristol and Liverpool, too.

The team have put together a full list of the UK rankings – so you can see how your city compares.

UK cities ranked from unhappiest to happiest couples:

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