Martin Lewis shares how to get paid hundreds for recycling unwanted item – clever

Martin Lewis explains how to save money on your water bills

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The Money Saving Expert shared how Britons can get paid to recycle. Just before her series The Martin Lewis Money Show, the money expert said on Twitter: “I’d love to hear your Green MoneySaving tips and tricks – what do you do to save money that benefits sustainability. The more clever, cunning, satisfying the better.”

High-street retailers offer freebies or discounts if you recycle items such as clothing, home textiles or empty beauty containers. Martin shared his favourites:


H&M will give you a £5 off £25 voucher if you bring a bag of unwanted clothes or home textiles from any brand, in any condition, to your nearest store.


M&S offers customers a voucher for £5 off a £35 spend on clothing, home and beauty products at M&S when you recycle at least one M&S-branded item at an Oxfam shop.

Simply take a piece of M&S clothing into your local Oxfam, where you’ll get the voucher valid for one calendar month.

Customers will get one for every donation they make which includes at least one item of clothing.


If you recycle five empty toiletry or cosmetic containers at a Boots store, you’ll get a voucher for 250 bonus Advantage Card points, which is worth £2.50.

This can be used when customers spend £10 at Boots.

John Lewis

John Lewis will give a £5 off voucher to spend on beauty when shoppers recycle five empty make-up and skincare containers from any brand.

Shoppers will need to sign up to the free My John Lewis loyalty scheme to qualify for the scheme.

Martin Lewis also unveiled how Britons can make money by selling their used supermarket bags.

Morrisons and Ocado will actually pay shoppers to take used plastic bags when they shop online.

Morrisons, which will give you 10p per bag, only accepts its own bags.

Ocado, also giving 10p per bag, will take bags from any supermarket.

Martin also shared a “terrible” thing for the environment which a lot of people do: throwing their phones away.

People can actually get cash for recycling their old mobile.

“There are specialist, super-speedy companies which will take an old phone and give you cash in exchange.

“For example, we found one that pays £150 for a 256GB iPhone 8 (it’s £116 if you have the 64GB version),” he said.

Martin recommended going through the comparison site but warned there’s “not much protection with these sites though.

“So do check reviews,” he said.

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