Miley Cyrus is selling very on-brand $20 condoms

The new era of Miley Cyrus is very NSFW.

The “Party in the USA” singer, 26, released a line of merchandise to promote her new album, “She Is Coming,” and the designs are just as provocative as the name.

Among sweatshirts and t-shirts featuring a half-naked Cyrus eating a banana and posing with her pants unbuttoned is a single condom printed with the album name and a phone number — 1-833-SHE-IS-MC — on sale for $20.

While all purchases come with a digital download of the album, some fans were perplexed by the price. “She’s pulling a Kanye with these merch prices. #forshame,” one person tweeted. Others pointed out that her EP is shorter than most and wouldn’t account for the large price difference: “The digital ep which is literally $6 so you’re paying $14 for a condom ?,” another said.

Other sex-positive offerings include sweatshirts with “phone sex is safe sex” ($50) and the lyrics “I love my p—y that means I have cattitude” ($50) on them.

Her debut single, “Cattitude,” features RuPaul singing lyrics like “This cat is in heat / Let me ride that beat / My p—y on fire / P—y five-alarm fire.”

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