Miss BumBum winner says men want big butts too as treatments for lads increase

A beauty pageant winner who runs an aesthetic clinic in Brazil claims it’s not just women going to extreme lengths to get a more curvaceous bum.

The era of Kim K bubble butts is in full swing as more influencers and stars opt into getting Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBLs) and bum toning procedures.

And, it's all in the hopes of achieving the perfect hourglass figure.

However, winner of the 2012 Miss BumBum contest – an annual pageant thrown in Brazil to find the woman with the best booty – says that men are now joining in the body craze too.

Biomedicine student, Carine Felizardo, decided not to become an influencer or lad’s mag covergirl after winning the pageant and instead opened her own clinic.

Having been running the business for 10 years, she claims one of the biggest changes she’s noticed over time has been an increase in male clients.

And, they’re undergoing procedures to get a more plumped up derriere too…

Carine said: “It's no longer a taboo, they also want to take care of their body and especially their butt too.

“I was able to prove that they want to have a big butt.”

Some of the most sought after procedures by men are various massages that help to shape and tone the buttocks.

Carine noted: “Modelling and peeling massages are the most requested by men."

Plus, blokes are seeking multiple treatments too – and keep coming back to the model’s clinic for more.

Carine commented: “Just like women, men also book more than 10 sessions with me.”

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And, she thinks that men are taking care of themselves and getting more procedures in order to attract women who she claims are more demanding.

The student said: “That idea of masculinity, that men have to be poorly taken care of, no longer exists.

“Women value themselves and invest a lot in aesthetic treatments, and the same is happening with the male audience as well, because they expect it from them."

Carine, who has over 300,000 Instagram followers, admitted she was afraid she would face sexist behaviour from male clients because of her Miss BumBum title but that so far it hasn’t happened.

She noted: “They really value our work and want to understand how the procedures work to achieve the desired result.

“They even show inspiration from other men such as football players or influencers to get the result [they want].”

Would you ever have a procedure on your bum? Tell us in the comments…

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