Mother reveals she’s copied at least 150 of Kate’s outfits

Kate super-fan reveals she’s recreated at least 150 of the Duchess of Cambridge’s outfits – and spends months tracking down convincing copies on eBay

  • Dr. Danielle Magness, 39, began following Kate Middleton’s style in 2010
  • US resident says she’s copied at least 150 of the Duchess of Cambridge’s looks 
  • She follows the Duchess’s calendar of events in anticipation of her outfits
  • Danielle now boasts over 1,000 followers on her Instagram sharing the looks 

A woman who has recreated approximately 150 of the Duchess of Cambridge’s most famous outfits, revealed her hobby has cost ‘thousands’ since she began following her style around eight years ago.

Dr. Danielle Magness, 39, from Hanska, Minnesota, was swept up in the ‘Kate Effect’, after the Duchess of Cambridge stepped out in her stunning blue Issa engagement dress in November 2010.

The physician who is an avid follower of fashion, decided to start an Instagram account to document her royal-inspired looks after taking part in a series of style challenges on social media. She would often find herself posting ‘real-Kate’, the identical item of clothing as Kate Middleton has worn or ‘repli-Kate’, a similar outfit she has worn. 

Danielle revealed that she follows the Duchess’ calendar of events, in an attempt to buy outfits within her budget before they sell out. At times she spends months searching for repli-Kates of an outfit or the original piece on websites like eBay and Poshmark.

Dr. Danielle Magness (pictured left), 39, from Hanska, Minnesota, USA, became fascinated with the Duchess of Cambridge’s (pictured right) style after she stepped out in a blue Issa engagement dress in November 2010

The physician (pictured left) decided to document her royal-inspired looks on Instagram, after participating in a series of style challenges on social media

The 39-year-old, who shares a similar style to Kate says the outfits are usually suitable for work as well as playing with her three-year-old son. Danielle estimates that over the years she’s copied at least 150 of Catherine’s outfits and has spent into the thousands on her hobby.

Among the snaps she’s shared on Instagram, she channels the Duchess of Cambridge’s effortless style in the stunning floral print & Other Stories dress Kate wore to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in May this year, in the bargain Zara summer dress worn by Kate to the polo in June last year and in the Seraphine lacey blue dress worn at the opening of the Place2Be headquarters in March last year.

Other timeless looks Danielle has recreated include the casual Durbarry jacket worn by Kate in January this year, the stunning emerald green Dolce and Gabbana dress worn by Kate in Canada in 2016 and a repli-Kate of the Ralph Lauren houndstooth dress worn by Kate in September 2015 on her return to royal duties in following the birth of Princess Charlotte.

Speaking about her fondness for Kate’s style, Danielle said: ‘When I saw her for the first time in the beautiful blue Issa dress I fell in love with her style. 

At that time and especially during the London Summer Olympics was when I started following her style. The Kate effect started at this time and I guess I was taken over by it. 

The 39-year-old (pictured left) who follows Kate’s (pictured right visiting the Anna Freud Centre in 2015) calendar of engagements in anticipation of her outfits, tries to buy real versions of the Duchess’s outfits if in her budget

Danielle (pictured left) describes Kate’s (pictured right wearing Emilia Wishtead) style as classic and says that it’s close to her own, making it ideal for work and playing with her three-year-old son

The physician (pictured left) uses eBay and Poshmark to find similar or actual pieces worn by Kate (pictured right at the National Maritime Museum in 2014) that aren’t available directly

Danielle (pictured left) says websites like eBay and The Outnet usually sell the same item that Kate (pictured visiting the Taj Mahal) wore for less than when it was originally sold in stores

‘Her look is classic, but she does utilise trends which keep her looking up to date. Her style is similar to mine which is important since I will be able to wear her outfits to work or even when I’m active with my three-year-old son. 

‘I will follow her calendar of events that she is scheduled to attend. These calendars are usually found posted on blogs. 

‘If there is an event where she may wear a dress or outfit that could be within my budget I will try to purchase it right away.

‘The piece must be within my budget and follow my style. I try very hard to purchase the item before it sells out. In order to do this, I may have to be checking Instagram or Facebook throughout the day with the hope that the piece will be identified.

‘For pieces that I’m not able to purchase directly from the store or need to repli-Kate it may take months of trying to find similar pieces or the actual piece on eBay or Poshmark. I just regularly check and I might be lucky and that piece will show up.

‘I can find some real-Kate pieces on certain websites such as Poshmark, The Real Real, The Outnet and eBay. Usually these real-Kate pieces are less then what the actual cost was when sold at the original store. 

Danielle (pictured left) revealed Etsy has stores which stock expensive but very well made replicas of Kate’s (pictured right visiting the Netherlands) outfits

‘I do watch for sales at Kate Spade, LK Bennett, Zara, Reiss and Tory Burch. If I find a piece that I really want and feel I will be able to meet my cost per wear goal I will invest in the piece of clothing or accessory. 

‘I have found repli-Kate pieces on and There are stores on Esty who actually make repli-Kates of pieces that are usually very expensive and are very well made.

‘For a replicated outfit I may spend between $100-150 if all the pieces are just repli-Kates. If some the pieces are real-Kate then the amount may be higher. If I am going to invest in a real-Kate piece, then I take into consideration the cost per wear.

‘If the piece or accessory is within my budget and I really like it then I will purchase it. I allow myself a monthly ‘Kate’ allowance to purchase items that she may be seen wearing that month at events. I consider purchasing items that appear to fit my style and are within my budget.’

The 39-year-old (pictured left) says she can spend up to $150 for all the items needed to replicate a single outfit worn by Kate (pictured right at Trooping The Colour 2017)

Danielle (pictured left) revealed she’s thankful for the charitable work done by the royals and Kate’s (pictured right visiting Evelina Children’s Hospital) focus on mental health

As a psychiatrist, Danielle has been very impressed by Kate’s work in mental health. 

Danielle who now also imitates the outfits worn by Pippa Middleton and Meghan Markle, says items made specifically for the royals are the most difficult to replicate.

She continued: ‘They do charitable work such as Kate focusing on mental health. Since I’m a psychiatrist I am very thankful that she is helping to make mental health less of a stigma.

‘They bring people together by creating a sense of nationality and patriotism. Kate appears to be compassionate and brings people together. She is also a great role model.

Danielle (pictured left) who has begun also copying Pippa Middleton and Meghan Markle’s looks, estimates that she’s spent thousands while imitating Kate (pictured right earlier this year during a visit to Islington)

Danielle (pictured left) believes the key to copying Kate’s (pictured right visiting areas in Birmingham affected by riots in 2011) style is persistence

‘Since it’s been about eight years that I have been following her style I’m unable to give an exact amount but I would estimate it’s in the thousands with purchasing repli-Kates but also real-Kate items. 

‘Fashion is my hobby and Kate is one of my favourite fashion icons. Her sister, Pippa and now Meghan Markle are two others who I also follow and this has increased the amount that I have spent.

‘Any gown that has been made specifically for her is difficult to find. Such as ones by Alexander McQueen. Sometimes similar ones can be found on or repli-Kates from

‘The key is to be persistent. If there is an outfit that you love, then you will eventually find a repli-Kate or a real-Kate for a great price.. It is not going to happen right after she wears the outfit but over the months or maybe years you may be lucky and find that piece that you love.’ 

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