My boyfriend offered me surgery as he thinks my boobs are a massive turnoff

A woman was distraught when her boyfriend offered to buy her a boob job.

The 20-year-old took to Reddit for advice after her partner, 34, made unsolicited comments about her body.

Her boyfriend of four months described her uneven breasts as a “massive turnoff” and said it put him off sleeping with her.

The anonymous lass explained: "So I have been with a guy, let's call him John, for almost 4 months.

"We first met just before my 18th birthday but only started going out shortly after my 20th.

“I was at his place today to watch a hockey game and made an offhanded comment that when I was younger, I wanted a boob job because I didn't like that my breasts were big and uneven, the back pain I would get from them, and how I hated that they seemed to make guys oversexualise teenage me.”

She continued: "Without looking away from the TV, John said that I should get a boob job as uneven boobs were a 'massive turnoff' and that my boobs were so big to the point that they were 'kinda gross' and part of why he had gotten fully intimate with me yet.

"He has seen me in just bras and straight topless. She also revealed that the two have not gotten intimate at all.

"I just laughed awkwardly and said I wasn't in a place to be able to drop a few thousand dollars on a boob job. John shrugged and said he could and would pay for my boob job.

"I told John that I honestly didn't know if I wanted a boob job anymore. That was 14-16 year old me who was insecure about having (what seemed like) the biggest chest in her grade and that 20-year-old me was more confident and kinda liked her boobs.

"John then got mad, like really mad. He slammed his beer can on the table and called me a 'selfish b***h' for not considering his preference, especially since he's offering to pay for the surgery.”

The couple got into a huge row after the conversation, which has left the woman in dilemma.

She explained: "When I said that I didn't want one right now, or maybe ever, he kicked me out of his house at 10:00 pm, on the opposite end of the city of my house, saying that he needs some time apart from me.

"I ended up catching one of the last buses home and the entire bus ride he'd been texting me testimony from people who have gotten boob reductions and evened them out and telling me to 'look at how happy they are.'

"He seemed so mad when he kicked me out but in the texts, he's calling me baby and kitten and just texted me the kiss emoji saying he's sorry for yelling at me and that he had just had too much to drink (he had been drinking a lot, more than usual) and asking if we're still on for tomorrow's lunch date so honestly I don't really know where we stand right now.”

The Redditor’s post garnered dozens of responses – and many urged her to dump her boyfriend.

One commenter said: "Please break up with him immediately. You should have self-respect and see the crazy red flags."

And another added: "This man is extraordinarily bad for you and the world. Please block him and run."

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