NCT DREAM & HRVY Team Up In Epic New Video For ‘Don’t Need Your Love’ & Fans Go Wild

NCT DREAM and HRVY’s highly-anticipated collaboration has arrived. The music video for ‘Don’t Need Your Love’ is beyond epic and fans are living for it.

School’s out and summer has arrived. NCT DREAM and HRVY have made all our dreams come true. NCT DREAM and HRVY have released their collaboration that is perfect for your summer playlist. Their “Don’t Need Your Love” music video dropped on June 6, much to everyone’s delight. The music video takes place on a school campus and begins with HRVY’s stunning vocals. The members NCT DREAM are showcased as well. In the video, NCT DREAM and HRVY team up and become members of the “DNYL” club to get over their heartbreak.

HRVY tweeted out the music video and wrote, “ITS HERE … a genuine dream come true, love you boys @NCTsmtown_DREAM I made friends for life during this whole process, it was hard work and long hours but it’s all paid off, enjoy.” Fans have fallen in love with NCT DREAM and HRVY’s collaboration. One fan tweeted, “When hrvy sang ‘if you’re waiting for a comeback, hold on’ … that really spoke to me.” Another fan gushed, “NCT dream chose career over everything so they haven’t got the chance of interacting and meeting new people, in short, making friends but hrvy saying that he made friends for life during the whole process of dnyl just made me feel super happy for the dreamies.”

“Don’t Need Your Love” is the 13th song in season 3 of the SM STATION series. The fun track is available to download and listen on Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes.

Collaborations are all the rage right now and we’re so glad that HRVY and NCT DREAM have teamed up to make awesome music together. Let’s hope this is the beginning of an amazing musical partnership!

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